Drama CD Review: 4shoku no Shihaisha to Hangyaku no Gouka Daiichi Ao no Ou

blue king
Original Japanese title: 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第一章 青の王
青の王 CV:寺竹順
(Blue King CV:Teradake Jun)
AKA 阿部敦 (Abe Atsushi)

I know the company romanizes their name as Hituzigumo, but I don’t like that style so I’m going to call them Hitsujigumo since it’s closer to the pronunciation. I actually listened to this a couple days ago while I was trying to debate whether or not I wanted to review it.

The title roughly means “The Rulers of the 4 Colors and the Hell fire of Treason.” Something like that. The first volume is for the Blue King. A little more info on the world set-up will be explained under the cut.

This CD is R18 so please don’t read if you’re under the age limit.


There used to be 5 kingdoms: the Blue, Red, White, Black, and Colorless. These 5 kingdoms were fighting with each other for control over the other (when is this not the case? -_-;). I like that the official site worded it as trying to repaint (the world) in their own color since it works off of this color theme. It’s not explicitly mentioned, but I’m guessing the Colorless people are the ones who are getting dyed in the color of the other kingdoms, so it seems like the sides are really each colored kingdom competing for control over just the Colorless. I guess it’s like…Colonialism? The only thing is I’m not completely sure if that’s quite how it works since the site said “5 colors,” which means the Colorless kingdom was considered a color. So maybe it’s just a free-for-all. However, unless they were really weak, then I don’t see why the Colorless Kingdom is the one that died out…I’m digressing from the actual plot by debating the set-up a bit too much. Moving on.

Eventually, a non-aggression treaty was established and peace reigned for a while. It seems like the peace lasted about 10 years, until the kings for the 4 colored kingdoms changed. And I just realized I beat myself to the punchline, but with this change, the Colorless people were wiped out except for 4 women. Experiencing the destruction of their people, they seek revenge on the 4 kings who caused it. In this CD, you are one of these girls and seek out the Blue King. The Blue Kingdom is covered with ice and the Blue King likes to decorate the castle with mannequins made from people he considered beautiful.

What happens in the CD

The CD starts off with the Blue King riding in a carriage. He orders it to be stopped because he sees you and wonders why you aren’t afraid of him. He seems interested by your fixed gaze on him and orders you to be brought with him as “this month’s girl.” Once in the carriage, he keeps mentioning how you stared at him earlier and how now that you’re closer to him you look away. He commands you to look at him and then chuckles. The carriage returns to the castle. On the ride, he mentions that he knows you’re one of the leftover Colorless and that he can see you seething (in anger). He expects you to try and take revenge but that’s actually one of the reasons he took you. He doesn’t believe people have hearts (symbolically). He says that (the organ) the heart is what people have in their chests, but he doesn’t believe in the symbolic heart or things without shape like this love people talk about. He tells you he’s going to make you into a mannequin.

As the two of you are walking in the castle, he mentions that this whole time, you haven’t said a word. Even though it doesn’t seem like you’re afraid of him, he doesn’t know what you’re thinking or feeling. He apparently likes to look at the face of beautiful youthful women. He asks if you can’t speak but I guess when you pause a bit in your gait it answers that you can, but you’re just choosing not to. He tells you he wants to hear you say something, but then he corrects himself when you don’t that it doesn’t matter anyway since you’re going to be made into a mannequin. The two of you enter a room and he says that you’ll join his collection, therefore you don’t need a voice anyway. You won’t be able to move or do anything. He says that it’s nice this way because you won’t get old and your beauty will be preserved forever. He apparently only likes beautiful things and only really cares about your wonderful body so a voice isn’t necessary. He’ll give you lots of love like he does with his collection of mannequins.

He mentions the rooms and what will be done where and notices that the color of your face has started to look bad and wonders if you’re finally starting to get a bit afraid. If that’s the case, he would get enjoyment out of your screams and wails like the other girls gave. He tells you to beg him like they did because he loves that side of human nature; seeing the tears and fear, he loves it.

It seems you didn’t meet his expectation (of crying and begging) so he calls you uncute and says, well then, let’s begin the process. He drags you to a different room and then tells you to strip and clean yourself in the bath. The wax (used to make you into a mannequin) won’t set nicely if you’re dirty. Or maybe you’re actually going in a wax bath. I got a bit confused here, but it’s one or the other. You obey his orders and strip, scrubbing harder/cleaning yourself better when he tells you to. He mentions that your skin is strange; it’s whiter and abnormal in comparison to all the other girls before you. There’s no fire or heat around here so they all had pale skin. He keeps inspecting your body and seems extremely fascinated by the difference between your body and theirs.

It’s at this point where you finally speak. Apparently you want to touch him. He laughs at how that’s the first thing you ask him. Everyone else was afraid of him so you’re really strange (to make that request). He gives you permission to touch him as much as you like.

I’m not going into the details of the H scenes but basically you give him a blowjob and he wonders if this is what girls are learning these days, because he didn’t expect you to know what to do with it and you’re good enough at it that he’s tempted to not turn you into a mannequin.

When it’s done, he comments on how you just got clean and now you’re dirty again so he commands you to wash yourself once more. Then he comments on how you’re quite obedient. The scene continues and he asks if you’re cold. This is of course because you’re in an ice country so being in water for long amounts of time would of course make you cold. He tells you not to worry because you’ll soon be immersed in the wax, which will warm you up. With this, your skin will become smooth, glossy, and beautiful. He says the heat is probably nice; it’s much warmer than people (I almost feel like this is a deep line in the midst of everything going on). I don’t actually know what is going on here, but apparently you’re already in the wax and he keeps saying how it must feel good being in the hot/warm wax, so I guess the bath was made of liquid wax the whole time. He tells you to submerge yourself more in it. Even though you listen, he can see your expression is full of contempt and frustration.

He says all the previous girls were thankful for the heat the wax produced amidst all the cold of the Blue Country. He tells you that you should be more grateful for it as well. It’s a great honor to be brought to the castle and turned into a mannequin by him. Being turned into a mannequin equals happiness. He doesn’t believe in other people, but if you become a mannequin he can put complete trust in you because mannequins can’t do things such as betrayal. But…he doesn’t want things that don’t betray. They don’t have hearts or vitality. I guess he’s saying he’s bored of it? Even though he keeps doing it.

He tells you that you can come out now because it’s enough. He comments on how beautiful you look now. You walk towards him but he tells you not to move because you’ll break the wax. Instead, he walks over to you and says he’ll take the wax off soon. He’s very interested in the wax he’s peeling from your body that was used to make your skin so nice (oh is that what the wax was for?). He scolds you for moving again. Then he asks if you’re being tickled by his fingers taking off the wax…or if you’re being turned on. He touches all these different body parts and ask if you want to be touched more.

And then more H scenes I will not go into much detail about. Basically, there is some fingering and you guys actually go all the way (from the girl taking the initiative). He complains about being pushed onto the floor, but it sounds like he stops complaining after a while as he enjoys being inside of you. As it continues on, he seems to be disturbed that someone as insignificant as you is making him feel (desire/pleasure) so intensely. He actually casts you away from him at some point in the middle and leaves the room.

There’s a short, I believe less than a minute, track where he comes back in the room and he gives you a blanket. Since you’re going to become a mannequin, you don’t need clothes and won’t be given food or water. He tells you to endure the cold and hunger. He says something about what what they did with her body today will be done every day. I can’t quite figure out if this is the wax stuff or the sexy times stuff because I listened to that 5 second part so many times and just gave up after a while.

The next track didn’t help much because I heard water/wax movement again, but then his breathing is labored and there’s another BJ scene. Apparently, this happens every day, so I don’t know if he tries to turn you into a mannequin and then gives up and this leads to sexy times or what. He mentions again that he chose you knowing you were Colorless. He seems surprised that nothing resembling vengeance has occurred through this whole time. He seems dissatisfied and wonders when you’re going to do something because you must want to him for killing off your people right? Why not try killing him? He puts your hands around his neck and tells you to try choking him, but you tell him that your retribution has already started. He seems interested in your words and asks what you mean. Every single day you’ve been servicing him (I guess the sex?) and that’s your revenge?

He comments about your eyes again. In the middle of the stagnant town he took you from, they were the only things that shone/stood out to him. He thought they were beautiful; those unclouded eyes of yours. He also understands that you came here for revenge though so why not kill him now? Your eyes pierce to his heart so it’s dangerous. He starts to kiss you in a very frenzied fashion but I think he tries to stop it before it gets more intense. He seems confused because you came here to kill him. So why…? And then more sexy times occur but he’s still asking you why in that confused voice of his. In the middle of the deed, he notices you’re crying and asks why. He tells you not to cry. Those unwavering eyes of yours are beautiful. Stop crying and messing him up so much. He asks again why you were crying. Why did you always sleep with him?

He says it’s an illusion, but his heart hurts. It can’t be possible, but it hurts. This part of the CD is meant to be pretty significant because he changes between using the word for heart the artery to the spiritual heart. He brings up rhetorically that you also know that such a thing as love is made up right? You feel the same way don’t you? He starts kissing you again and tells you not to cry. Why are you crying over him, over this heart that can’t exist? The sex is actually starting to feel agonizing now; like he’s going to fall apart.

You use this time to tell him that you placed a curse on him. Apparently all the sexing means that you’ll both die together. He doesn’t believe it. You can tell he feels betrayed because now he understands why you seduced him.

He starts to laugh a bit hysterically and says that he probably loves you. Somehow he ended up falling love with you. At this point, he seems to accept your impending deaths. The two of you can descend to hell together. If this is your last time with one another, he wants it to be the most pleasurable. He wants you to confirm that you love him back (but I’m not sure if you answer). He tells you there’s no need to cry. He can feel that heart that everyone talked about before and he was wrong believing that it didn’t exist. He laughs in self-deprecation again. He didn’t believe these kinds of emotions were real before, but he believes it now. He can feel his consciousness fading and going farther way. He mentions something about an an apology for his sins to you but he doesn’t finish the sentence.

Thoughts on the CD

In drama CD series, it’s kind of a mixed bag between whether ‘you,’ the listener, is meant to be the same person in parallel situations or a different person paired off with each guy. What I found interesting was that in this set-up, it’s written officially that there are four separate girls, so each girl is different. Of course, based on the idea of the series, that makes sense because one girl would have a hard time exacting revenge on four kings in four separate kingdoms.

Reasons for trying out the series: I saw this series appear on my Tumblr dash and admit I was drawn in by the art first and then when I read about what little was released about it, I liked the idea of these colored kingdoms. And you know, being trained by Rejet has made me a bit do-M and the revenge and love thing sounded appealing…

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with this CD. I think it might be because I liked it for the idea, but since I don’t think they developed it enough, it let me down. On the plus side, the seiyuu, who I haven’t heard of before, did a decent job and I liked his voice as he kind of reminded me of Tachibana Shinnosuke a little. It’s hard to judge because I just didn’t feel the R18 scenes at all. Like…I think one thing I learned from this CD very clearly is that I don’t like R18 situations just for the heck of it. I like it with more storyline integrated into it. That sounds a little wrong too, because the plot was there, but it didn’t really feel…melded together? I admit that it could just be that I was super turned off by the use of certain words so those scenes did nothing for me, though.

When I first started listening to drama CDs (eg. Wasurenagusa), I was somewhat annoyed that they were vague in most places because I didn’t know exactly what was happening. In this case, I knew what was happening because it was more explicitly stated, but I still didn’t like it. In fact, I found I liked it less because I didn’t care for the word choice. It’s kind of like my taste in erotic stories. I like ones that use prose in a certain way and choose words that don’t stand out so blaringly. I feel like this drama CD used words that I wouldn’t enjoy reading in a story so it produced the same reaction.

Also, the mannequin thing just freaked me out. I knew it was there when I started the CD since they write specifically that the Blue King liked to turn people into mannequins, so that was really my fault. But it was so damn creepy…I think I got scarred from Kanato in Diabolik Lovers. I was seriously talking to a friend and kept telling her that I didn’t want to be an effing mannequin so please go away you creepy, creepy man with a nice voice.

My other issue is that I also feel like the emotional development was lacking. Since the idea in this CD is revenge AND love, I know that you, the girl, was meant to have developed feelings for the Blue King. This is probably also why you were crying in the last track because you were getting your revenge but it was at a higher cost to yourself than just dying. The other explanation for your tears could have been the fear of death, but I feel like that doesn’t make as much sense because you went into this whole revenge scheme knowing what would happen. In any case, this love? I didn’t see it. It could be because the CD felt so short and time was probably skipped in between scenes at times, but really, all I could picture was the Blue King and listener humping like rabbits until the curse would claim their lives. So yeah…I don’t know where love fits into that equation. This was another huge disappointment because I could forgive my disconnect from the eroi scenes if there was better relationship development, but I guess all of that happened behind the scenes.

You can tell I didn’t really care for this series because I didn’t completely pay attention and didn’t plan on going back and fill in anything I wasn’t sure about because I didn’t feel like re-listening to it. I usually like to listen to things more than once to confirm my understanding because I find that sometimes I mishear or misunderstand things the first time through. In the end, I went back and re-listened to it because my review was so messy and incomplete. Ironically, besides having to go through creepy effing mannequin talk again (which got super repetitive), I was surprised to feel like I got more out of it by listening to it again. Since I knew what to expect I was able to catch a few extra nuances that I missed originally. I still feel like it was lacking in the development of the relationship, but it was getting there. It was closer than I thought. I almost felt like I could see a little more of the bond but it ended too fast or the focus wasn’t in the right places so it didn’t reach the point that would’ve made it more solid. Yeah, there was a curse and I think it made him enamored with the listener and probably messed him up a bit (more) in the head, but they could have worked that angle much more than they did. Also, he did seem to at least feel a little remorse at the end, so I guess that’s good.

I totally didn’t plan on writing what happened in the CD in that much detail, but since I re-listened to it to clear things up, it just ended up happening. Kind of like when I reviewed the two game trials earlier. In trying to gather the info to make a general description of what went on, I almost translated every line.

On another note, if anyone is interested, I stumbled across this news when looking for more plot content on the official website, but apparently there are four different tokutens that you can get if you buy all four of the CDs at the same time. The concept is “Failed Revenge,” so it replaces the last track of the CD and seem to function as AUs of what would happen if, as the title suggests, the revenge fails. If I liked the first CD more this would’ve driven me absolutely insane because I love tokuten CDs, but as it is I’m more mildly curious about it. To get the Blue King’s version, you need to purchase all four from Hitsugumo or Ardeur. To get the Red King, you get them from Amazon. The White King’s one is from Animate, and the Black King from Stellaworth.

In terms of the rest of the series…I’m honestly not sure what to do. I like to start what I finish but I don’t know how much I want to listen to the CDs for the other three kings. While still disappointed, it’s not as completely terrible as I felt it was the first time I listened to it, so I’m a bit more willing to try and see how it plays out and see what changes (since I doubt all four girls can get revenge the same way). I still have to decide. When the Red King’s CD comes out, if I feel like giving it a try, I will, but I won’t commit to it because I can’t foresee the premise changing too much.


2 thoughts on “Drama CD Review: 4shoku no Shihaisha to Hangyaku no Gouka Daiichi Ao no Ou

  1. Haha, a comment on a 4 year old post but I did promise you I was gonna write my thoughts here after checking out your thoughts. Not sure if you got around to re-listening to this series with the tokutens but let’s say even with our current level of Japanese you didn’t miss out on much your first go around.

    I also felt like the development was a bit… lacking? rushed? Like they literally went from him cleansing her + waxing her every day and her servicing him every day to that final scene where she exacts her revenge. I was a bit confused at that too since they only drop what her actual revenge is in the last scene and it’s because she’s been cursed to kill any man she loves and has sex with.

    Fortunately, I’m not tempted to translate this series or re-listen to it but it felt like it was implied that Colorless people were actually really strong? Or they have some kind of abilities because she has this curse that would be the vehicle of her revenge.

    Concept-wise this would be completely my jam! With how she needs to fall in love with him to kill him and that’s why it’s so painful and, in return, he’s in love with her too. So that last scene where he’s laughing hysterically in like a “touche” tone was really good but unfortunately because the rest of the CD didn’t build up the bond it was kind of lackluster.

    The tokuten hurt me a little :’)) but I was also a bit intrigued by it. Because I’m assuming that at the end of the last track the both of them die/descend to hell together because of the curse. In the failed attempt, the king is suuuper cold and laughing bc I guess the revenge didn’t work out since he doesn’t have a “heart” and basically his prejudices or beliefs and way of life is confirmed. However! He is intrigued by the heroine and finds her interesting enough to keep alive and not a mannequin, so he actually takes her to his room (for the first time) and it’s implied that she’ll be kept alive to belong to him forever.

    On one hand, it kinda sucks cause it sounds like her revenge failed and he’s being a mega jerk about it. On the other hand, it sounds like her revenge… maybe worked? In that yeah he’s not regretting his actions and dies knowing that she loves/hates him in this twisted way. But he’s clearly been seduced to keep her alive and I almost don’t really treat this tokuten as a failed attempt because it’s more like the slow slowwww erosion of his heart and the kicker is that he doesn’t even realize it. But that’s my interpretation of it >< otherwise it really would just make me feel a bit frustrated that this guy's awful opinion about things like hearts not existing is true LOL.

    • I have no idea why my reply isn’t to your actual response so I can see why you didn’t notice I responded…oops. I’m going to copy it here and delete the original response because it looks dumb where it is lol:

      I’m glad you don’t seem to think I missed that much even though my comprehension wasn’t as good 4 years ago lol. I think I remember enough of the series to just dive into the tokutens you so kindly shared with me, but I think I should probably re-listen to get the best feel from it.

      I think out of all the kings, I remember feeling like the blue king had the least development. For short CDs (they were like 45 minutes or something right?) I think they did a decent job but I really couldn’t see when either of them could’ve fallen for each other lol

      Thanks for that info on the Colorless people! That didn’t really occur to me, but it would make sense on why the other kingdoms had to band together to exterminate the Colorless.

      RIGHT?? The premise was really good but the delivery was lacking…that’s kind of how I always think of this series lol. So I’m not surprised you don’t feel the desire to translate it.

      I actually really like that interpretation of the “failed revenge” concept of the tokuten. For him in particular, since he was so obsessed with preserving things in their best form before they start to like…wither away. Deciding to keep her alive and as is really shows that he probably has fallen for her. But then it gets me thinking about the curse where if he really does care about her…why didn’t it work?

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