Drama CD Review: 4shoku no Shihaisha to Hangyaku no Gouka Daiyon Kuro no Ou

Black King
Original Japanese title: 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第章 黒の王
(Black King CV:Yotsuya Cider)
AKA 興津和幸 (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

So yeah…that’s a pretty nice cover. Definitely my favorite of the four in terms of cover.

I was doing so good working on this review right after I finished the last CD and then I took a break and got busy…it’s been over a month since I touched this (bordering on two). Ooops. In any case…I finished?

Also, does anyone else feel like Okitsu in like…everything nowadays? I don’t really have a problem with this, I just notice I see him in a lot of CDs lately. He must be pretty popular. I don’t really keep up in the seiyuu circles. My version of keeping up with seiyuus is just recognizing voices. I might not even know what some of them look like. Anyway, back to the CD review.

Same thing as usual applies. This CD is R18 so please don’t read if you’re under the age limit.

After the fall of the Colorless Kingdom, the four remaining survivors plot vengeance upon the four colored kingdoms that caused it. You, as the fourth and final girl, go to the Black Kingdom to seek your revenge on the Black King.

From the official website, the Black King has slaughtered a large number of people using a cursed sword and as a result, his spirit is already eroded. He goes through everyday life from behind a mask. I don’t know if this mask is meant to be just literal or metaphoric as well, but I’m pretty sure it holds a double meaning like the Red King’s “strong arm.”

What happens in the CD

The CD starts off with a murmuring of voices with none standing out in particular. The sound of footsteps grows gradually louder and a voice calls out for attention, but it doesn’t seem like he’s talking to you. This is, of course, the Black King. There’s a third party present…and then he cuts them down. He repeats the phrase “why,” and he chuckles in dark humor, asking someone if they want to know the reason why he killed them…he asks if they’re a bunch of thieves, but doesn’t wait for a response and cuts more of them down. He then questions if they’re kidnappers, and after taking a deep breath once again, continues to kill off more of them. He asks them now if they want money as it’s human nature to desire so. Or perhaps they want to indulge in the flesh with this woman? In either case, they’re an eyesore. It’s unnecessary for them to be gathered here.

There’s a brief pause and he says in a louder voice that the likes of them don’t need a reason to die and neither does he need a reason for killing them. Dying is a natural thing, just like him killing is. He kills off the rest of them and breaths a little deeper from the exertion. Then he finally turns his attention to you and asks what you want. You attempt to speak to him, but he tells you not to; he has no business with you. There’s a pause and then he yells out that he told you not to speak! He then says that thanking him isn’t necessary…just don’t speak to him, or do you also want to be killed? He gruffly tells you not to cry. It seems like you don’t comply as he commands you again not to cry, much harsher and louder this time. If you cry, this body of his, his arm, and his spirit…the throbbing ache inside of him grows stronger.

It sounds like his sword cuts through the air, but it didn’t impact anything, like he was aiming to cut you but stopped midair. He asks you what you just said. You repeat what you said, which was that you can cure his illness. The Black King confirms with you that you somehow know about his illness. After a few seconds of him contemplating, he tells you to come with him.

The next track has the two of you walking and then a door opens and closes. He tells you that this is his room. No one can overhear your conversation in here. He asks you to tell him why you would know about his illness, where you got that information from. After a while he asks you what’s wrong; that even though you said you can cure his illness you’re afraid of him. Are you afraid of this mask? Of the sword he carries? He says that he never takes the mask off. No one has ever seen his face. Rather than that topic, he tells you to answer his question. You don’t answer, so he says if you won’t say where you got the info from, tell him what you know and how much. He sighs after a while, saying that he hadn’t expected you to know that much, but the sword he was wielding earlier is the sword of this country’s king. On top of that, his illness is exactly as you said. Each king suffers from the same illness and then dies. However…where did you hear that? Where did you attain this knowledge? This is a secret known only to royalty, but it’s obvious that you aren’t a royal.

Your hair and eyes are colors he hasn’t seen before. Your attire isn’t that or royalty or nobility. While examining you, he wonders aloud if he’s met you before (because something about you seems familiar). He cuts off that train of thought, saying that isn’t possible for him to be acquainted with a girl such as you, so he moves on and goes back to telling you it’s about time to explain where you got that information from. As your silence grows longer, he becomes more impatient, yelling at you to tell him. Since that doesn’t convince you, he then says that killing you would be an easy thing to do, but you haven’t told him your source of information. On top of that, you mentioned something about being about to heal his illness. What did you mean by that?…what did you mean by that?

He decides that he’s going to imprison you until he feels like letting you go. He commands you to follow him again and a door opens and closes again. From today onward, you’re going to be confined to this hidden room. He shoves you inside. He’s going to firmly close the door with a lock…but since he’s on the other side of the door, and escaping would be impossible anyway, so don’t even think about it. He’s said this plenty of times already, but keep in mind that killing you really is quite easy, so it would be best to make up your mind quickly. The door shuts solidly and the sound of a key locking is heard. The Black King walks away.

It sounds like it’s night as you can hear the sound of crickets chirping. A door opens and closes and the Black King walks towards you, asking if you feel like talking yet.  It sounds like you ask him something related to the “healing his illness” you brought up before, because he mentions how he wouldn’t do something like that in front of a person he doesn’t trust. How can he entrust himself to you? Then he tells you not to look at him with those eyes. He doesn’t believe you. There’s absolutely no way he would believe in you, someone he knows nothing about. Hurry up and tell him everything already. It feels like your gaze is actually making his illness progress (contrary to what you say about healing). That throbbing ache of his body, the ferociousness of his spirit, his overall mania, he’ll make you feel all of it. Hurry up and let him be at ease and tell him of your informant…but first perhaps it would be better if he exposes your knowledge of his illness. He tells you to tell him quickly, then yells at you, slamming his fist against the wall.

You tell him to wait for the right time. He inhales and then asks you what’s with that (sake) cup; you’re offering the water to him? You basically tell him that if he comes to you every day and fills up this cup with the water from over there for 10 days, his illness will be cured. He tells you to pledge that you aren’t lying. After a few seconds of silence, you hear him walking. He fills up the cup with water and then says today is now the first day. You thank him and he questions why you would. He’s only doing this to heal his illness. It’s not for your sake. You’re a strange woman…you only say strange things. First saying you can heal his illness, knowing about his cursed sword, then finally saying the method to healing his illness is filling up a cup with water. He asks what this cup is supposed to mean. He then asks if you intend to keep quiet about all this. That seems to be your way of doing things. What are you looking at?

Then he asks what the hell you’re talking about; there’s no way his eyes are beautiful. You recall last night don’t you? Just like that person, he killed and wounded so many people. It’s easy to blame it on the illness, but his body and spirit, it’s not like he gains anything from their deaths. It’s really not necessary to kill them. He’s taken so many lives up until this point…therefore, how can you call something like that beautiful?

There’s a sound of motion and he asks what you’re doing, and he yells at you not to touch his mask. Don’t touch him!  Then he switches back to his calm voice, saying it’s not like it hurts. Wearing the mask doesn’t particularly irritate his skin or anything. The Black King then states that he hates humans and their halfheartedness, their weakness, he hates all of it. The same goes for you. No matter how much you look at him with those serene eyes, you’re also just a dirty human.

You tell him that he can touch you, and he laughs, asking what you’re talking about. Of course he wouldn’t want to do something like that! Things like a person’s (body) warmth, he hates it. However…he’s interested in that place that has a slight red tinge to it. He walks closer and then says that your cheeks are warm and soft, aren’t they? They’re so soft he feels like his fingers will melt into them. Melt…and become entangled with them.

He exclaims in surprise, asking what you’re doing, telling you to stop. Putting his fingers in your mouth is– You shouldn’t do that. The inside of your mouth is so warm…he can’t contain himself any longer and starts to kiss you fervently, saying he wants to go deeper and feel your tongue more. The kissing continues for just a little longer and then he pushes himself away to get his bearings.

He says he’s leaving, still seeming unsteady. You must ask him about the timing of his departure, because he answers that it’s normal for him to go out at this time…then he asks if you’re from a foreign country…not that it really matters whether you are or not. You don’t hold influence over this country or him. He’s letting you know this one thing, but this Black Country is shrouded in darkness. It’s said that the light of day is considered to be a weakness. The people of this country even turn away and avoid the light. Therefore, the start of the day is really at sunset. Then he says again that he’s leaving. He starts to walk away, but you run after him. He asks you why you’re trying to keep him here? Aren’t you just afraid of not knowing when he’ll return? He doesn’t need you. The Black King pushes you away and leaves. The door shuts closed.

The next track starts again with the crickets chirping and an owl hooting nearby. The door opens and the Black King walks toward you. He says today is the water for the second day. Suddenly, he asks if you want him to kill people? You must answer negatively, because he says then you should really work on curing his illness. He feels like there’s a disgusting poisonous snake inside of him under his skin, like inside his spirit someone’s singing a terrible opera. It’s like there’s no other way around it except to kill; just killing, only killing. He sounds so torn up about it. Inside of him, something is always screaming at him to kill, kill kill! He asks you what you want. What do you wish for? He desperately says that he can give you anything. He’s the king of this country! There’s nothing he can’t give you! So please….please just cure this illness now. Cure it right now! He begs you to tell him that you can cure it. Tell him you can cure it! Tell him that you can cure this pain he has inside.

What should he do? What would be good to do? This ache…he starts to laugh hysterically. To think he’s relying on someone like you. You’re just a simple girl. What can someone like you do? He continues to laugh. A simple girl like you, there’s nothing you can do. He asks you why you made this up, tearing your clothes as he continues to demand this answer out of you. Why would you appear in front of the king of this country? Why won’t you say anything? He’s doing such a terrible thing to you. Why? Why won’t you say anything?

He starts to kiss you with as much force as he did the last time, still asking why you won’t say anything. You already know what he plans on doing, don’t you? And still you won’t say anything. He comments in his fervor that your body is so soft, it’s making him act strangely. In between kissing he tells you to say something, say something quickly about answering his request to be cured. He comments that it’s hot. He hates this heat from humans and yet he wants to touch this heat more.

This basically leads to the H scene, where he keeps saying he wants to touch you deeper (which he does). Eventually, he notices you’re crying and tells you not to cry. He says he won’t do anything to you anymore. He kisses you, more gently this time, and then separates from you. You tell him it’s okay, and he questions what’s okay about that. It was painful enough that you were crying. Nothing can change that truth. He denies something, saying he didn’t set out to cause you pain. You came in contact with his pain and got hurt yourself as a result. He says that he regrets it. Something like this has only happened with you. When he says this, it sounds like he’s blaming you, but he catches himself. Then he says this isn’t good, he always has outbursts of anger in your presence. Why is he so pathetically weak like this in front of you?

He exclaims in surprise as you embrace him. He asks why you’re hugging him. What are you saying? It’s not like he’s sad. Having just had something terrible done to you by him, don’t do something like hug him. It’s a mistake to do that. You say something again that surprises him and he says something like that is impossible. You can’t handle all of his pain/sadness. There’s no way you can do that. As a result of that throbbing ache he has, would you be able to die many times for him? Can you handle all the terrible things he would do to you? You can’t right? So don’t say you can. He doesn’t intend to kill you like other people. So in order to avoid him killing you, he begs you to hurry up and cure his illness.

Up until this point he hasn’t been able to stay by someone’s side or been able to stay close to someone he might love…because he’d end up killing them. There’s been instances where the killing goes against one’s consciousness. The ache overrides the body and one can end up killing someone important to him. He hugs you tighter to him, saying that someone like him who just kills people doesn’t have the right to be happy. He deserves to continue on like this in silence and alone. Is death the only route for him? Then he’s like, oh right, you’re here with him right now, aren’t you? So he’s not alone. But even if he ends up loving you, he would definitely end up killing you (due to his condition). He’s already had the life of the person he loved most snatched away…just like the way his beloved mother was killed by his father.

Track 5 starts off with crickets chirping and the door opening. He walks closer and says it’s the third cup of water. It sounds like he was about to leave and you grabbed a hold of his arm. He asks what you think you’re doing and tells you not to hold onto his arm like that. He basically says the same stuff as before: he only came to do the water cup thing and what’s wrong with that? Would it be better if he stayed here and killed you with this affliction of his? He raises his voice, asking if it would it be better to give into this impulse of his to kill living things in front of him. The longer it takes you to heal this illness, the more blood-stained his hands become. He leaves after he says his piece.

The next track starts off the same way, repeating the sequence of the crickets, door opening, footsteps, him bringing and pouring a cup of water. He does this from the fourth cup to the eighth cup. After pouring that one, he asks if it’s still not enough time. And how can you even cure this illness, which no one else was able to cure? Isn’t it enough? The day after tomorrow, you’ll heal it, right? You say something and he clarifies that this illness has that type of origin; so it isn’t hereditary or part of his genetic make up? It’s because of the cursed sword? So using the sword, perpetuates the illness…then what if he got rid of the sword? Isn’t that an easy thing to do?

There’s a brief pause as he asks what you’re saying, that the illness has already taken and he won’t be able to turn away from using the sword. He says he can do it, but speaks in a shaky voice, unsure of himself. You hold his hand and instead of pushing you away like he has been lately, he asks you to hold on even tighter. He whispers that he doesn’t want to die. He wants this illness to be healed and to be released from the pain…he wants to be freed from this weakness and be able to bathe in the light of day and be able to freely show his face…he wants to feel happiness.

The next track starts off during the day, which is evident from the birds chirping instead of the crickets. The Black King delivers the ninth cup of water and asks you what’s wrong since you’re making a strange expression. He asks what’s wrong with coming during the afternoon. In foreign countries, this is the norm, isn’t it? He suddenly commands you to come with him to his room.

He says that he’ll show it to just you…his face in the light of the day. He removes his mask. After a few seconds, he asks why you’re crying. He asks if his face looks that terrifying, is that hard to look at. He gasps, and I think it’s implied that his face hasn’t changed when he had thought the illness would’ve ravaged it (I think). He confirms that it was painful. Can you understand that?

He wants you to hold onto him more tightly. Tighter, tighter. Then he asks you why you’re apologizing, what you’re saying now. He tells you to wait. The Black King repeats that you’re a survivor from the Colorless people…is it really true? You’re one of the people left from the slaughtered Colorless Kingdom? He says that you probably came here for revenge on him then, didn’t you? Researching this country, finding out about his condition and purposely appearing in front of him…what are you saying? What are you saying now? He sounds really disbelieving, almost desperate.

If it was just killing him, you could’ve done something other than using him in that way, making him believe you could cure his illness. Making him drink a strong type of poison would’ve been better. Why did you specifically have to come here to place a curse on him to kill him? You say something else and he says that he doesn’t believe you; there’s no way he would. Saying that you really came to love him, that would be betraying your comrades. It would be utter betrayal…however, you’re probably just saying that to deceive him. And now you’re saying that you don’t want to kill him for revenge. You want to kill him to free him? The Black King laughs. Don’t be ridiculous!

He yells at you not to touch him. He understands what you’re saying completely. That you came here, as a survivor of the Colorless People, after researching him, to kill him for revenge. He understands that the death from his illness won’t be cured due to the poison from the sword and that the only way is to die with you through the curse inside of you. This chain of unhappiness…a king picks up this sword to protect his country, so he has to die for his country…can a king protect his country without this sword? His voice sounds quite broken at this point.

He asks if you really love him. If what’s inside of you isn’t hate but love. If that’s true…he asks you to embrace him. The Black King lets out a shuddering breath and says that he loves you. He loves you so much it feels like his heart will stop. His chest hurts from loving you so much. He asks you to tell him again that you love him. Rather than hating him, that you love him. He starts to cry and the track fades out.

The last track starts out with the usual door opening and closing as he walks to deliver the cup of water, the tenth (and final cup). He says as promised, he brought the ten cups. His love and the water is in the cup that he poured out. With your hearts and bodies, if the two of you have sex (or I guess…make love is more appropriate since it’s “heart and body”) then you’ll die together and the power of the sword will die out as well. You make a move towards him and he steps back, telling you to stop. He tells you not to touch the mask. He repeats that you can’t and tells you to stop. His body can’t handle it anymore. He starts to yell more strongly not to do that, don’t take off the mask!

Then there’s the sound of the mask falling to the floor. He starts to cry, talking about how he wanted to shield his face for this one night, to hide his face ravaged by the illness. Isn’t it unpleasant to look at? Isn’t it terrifying? He yells out the last line, that you regret it, don’t you? Loving him. There’s some silence and he gasps. “I love you”…he begs you not to say such kind words. He’ll become weak at those words. Don’t say such nice things like that…He starts to kiss you and then says that he loves you. If he can die together with you, if the two of you enter into the curse inside of you…he kisses you more. He begs you to tell him that you love him. More, more! Tell him more that you love him!

He continues to kiss you, saying he wants to feel more of your soft skin. He kisses you more, saying he’s glad you appeared in front of him. He isn’t alone anymore. He’s not alone anymore. The pain will end…it will finally end. He keeps talking about your hot skin and how great it feels and how he loves touching it. He continues to say things about different parts of your body and how all of it is his. That’s basically how it is for the whole H scene. During this scene, the rest of the conversation takes place.

The Black King asks you to tell him again that you love him. There’s this one part where he continues to ask you to do more, feel him more, fall apart around him. While you’re falling apart together, it’s fine to cry. While the two of you face the end, you can cry. He wonders aloud where he’ll end up going after he dies. He probably can’t go to the same place as you. He killed so many people after all…with you…with you (he can’t go to the same place is the implication). Then he laughs, confirming that yes, with this you will be killing him. That’s true, isn’t it? In that case, will both of you go to hell together?

He says that just now, he’s really happy. You’re by his side right now and he’s loved by you. With just that, it’s enough. With this, he’ll be released from everything. As the H scene starts to end, he says that it’ll be the end soon (since you two are doing the do). His voice starts to fade out and sound energy-less. He says thank you…and then starts to say something about “my” but he never finishes the sentence.

Thoughts on the CD

Last CD, guys! I can’t believe I finished it. Sorry it took so long. I really have no excuse except that I’ve been tired and not really been able to just sit down and get it done.

If I recall correctly, I really just decided to write a review for the first CD because of the art, the potential of the storyline, and because it was short. These CDs were less than an hour each, after all, which is the shortest I’ve come across so far. I kind of had the idea of writing a review for each CD after I decided to do the first one, but at the time I hadn’t really committed to it. It became a rather long thing now as a result. While it only spanned a few months, considering it had been a somewhat random decision, that’s a long time. Moving onto thoughts on the actual CD itself and then some closing thoughts on the series itself.

I had a lot of trouble trying to semi-translate what was being said in this CD too (like in the White King’s one). In terms of the situation, I think I pretty much got that, but the little details were eluding me because as pleasant as his voice can be (when he’s not yelling, that is), I had to rewind pretty much the same amount as I did with the White King, but in this case, I was either lazier or just not as lucky and didn’t always feel satisfied with what I wrote for what he was saying…like it really would’ve been nice if I could’ve gotten what exactly his illness thing was. You have no idea how many times I listened to that sentence and then just gave up because I wasn’t getting the answer. Super unfortunate, but I tried my best. Ironically, after my long break between working on this review, the last two tracks were probably the easiest ones to understand.

Like pretty much all the CDs  in this series (minus the Red King who I  liked from the first listen), my first impression of the CD wasn’t too flattering. All I remembered was yelling here, yelling there, more yelling. The overuse of the word “more.” I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Black King, who was so easily deceived into believing a random person could cure his illness. Then I thought about it more and really, his health and mental state was already quite deteriorated by then. He was basically going mad from this need to kill, but he regretted it each time. He was desperate to latch onto anything that could cure him, release him from his suffering. When someone who somehow knew about his condition appeared and offered a cure, it was easy to believe.

His characterization was interesting as well. I feel like each king’s way of speaking really conveyed their personalities and they were all quite different. The Black King was so far in this place of separation, fear, inability to control himself, anger…he was just always alone, and it couldn’t really be helped because of his condition since he might kill anyone who got close to him. It was both chosen isolation and yet not. His words in the last two tracks really struck because he was just happy to have the girl there with him. Their time together was short, but even though it was twisted because she was there to kill him for revenge, she was also able to give him that happiness and that freedom he craved so badly (but wasn’t sure he deserved) after suffering so much for at least a short time.

The contents of the CD was overall quite tame, especially after the craziness that ensued in the last one. Luckily, in the re-listen, I caught more of the things going on. What was really interesting about this CD is it made me question what happened and how I felt about all the previous ones in a way. This is the first CD where the king understands what’s going on in terms of the curse and kind of…freely embraces it? That knowledge and acceptance gave it a really different feel. The girl’s confession came out at a time that didn’t seem beneficial in making him have sex with her to make the curse take hold, so I felt like it was really her feeling guilty about it and telling him because she wanted him to know the truth. It gave the impression that at least in this CD, she really did love him, which was kind of sweet but really depressing. So was it revenge in the end? Or did it actually become a bit like a mercy killing, and a “killing out of love” to release him from his curse?

In the previous CDs, I wondered whether the curse could take hold if just the king fell in love with the girl, since how she felt about him was more ambiguous at times. Each girl always confessed to loving the king, but did they really love them when they said “I love you” or was it just words? Was the implication that the curse worked BECAUSE she loved him too, and that’s what makes it more of a tragedy? That’s what I started to wonder about the first three CDs. The Blue King was in this lust-crazy frenzy, but I felt like it was possible he had grown to love the girl but I really wasn’t sure about the girl. The White King seemed more obsessed than in love, but it could just be his messed up personality, and like I said, I really didn’t see where she could have fallen in love with him, yet it was possible. With this new perspective I gained from that difference in the last CD, it almost made me want to go back and re-listen to the previous ones again…almost.

Something that will always stick with me about this series is how much it made me think about things. In general, I’m a very heavy over-thinking type of person so I always contemplate things, but I really had to sit on these CDs and chew on their content a lot, both when I was writing about them and when I wasn’t. I needed to wrap my mind around the whole thing. I would’ve say it was a masterpiece series. I really took issue with a lot of things and some of it proved to be too much for me at times. Not all of it was easy to understand or easy to stomach when I could understand. Yet, I can’t say it’s a bad series. I learned a lot from it and it made me question myself often, which is kind of fun and a different experience. So do I like the series? That I don’t know either. I feel conflicted about using the word “like” in reference to it, but while there were lots of things lacking in it, and it really wasn’t what I expected it to be at all, I’m glad I decided to undertake the whole journey of reviewing them all despite all the hair-pulling and ranting that came with it.

So that’s the end of this series. If I happen to get my hands on the tokutens (believe me, I’m trying), I might try those out, but I haven’t had much luck finding them. I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to catch someone selling all 4, which would be the ideal situation. As much as I would be interested in the Red King’s and Black King’s “Failed Revenge” scenarios at the very least, I’m a completionist to the core and I might not get those CDs on their own since I’d prefer having the whole collection…so this is probably just the end.

On a side note, I FINALLY saw someone put the Red King’s tokuten CD up for auction, but it was like…right after I told my Japonica people that I would like the final packing invoice so I would’ve had to make a whole new order set again (which I currently don’t have the money for) and it’s pretty pricey. I feel like that tokuten CD must be the hardest one to come by or something because I NEVER see it being auctioned. I always see a crapton of the the White King and Black King, some Blue King once and a while, but this is the first time I saw one for the Red King…I’m taking this as a sign that I shouldn’t get it…at least not now…I don’t even know if I like this series enough to want the tokutens but I’m just so full of want. Stupid completionist self. Stop it ><. I’m telling you guys, don’t get into tokutens. It’s a bad idea and an extreme money hole. Getting just the games and drama CDs are bad enough. Don’t do it, I tell you. Just don’t.

For a general blog update, I’m going to try and get the Criminal World review out soon too because I’m getting a (non-otome) game this weekend which I know is going to eat up all my time for a while, but no promises. This review was at least mostly done but I barely started the other one and I have to replay all the routes.


4 thoughts on “Drama CD Review: 4shoku no Shihaisha to Hangyaku no Gouka Daiyon Kuro no Ou

  1. I LOVED THIS ONE SO MUCH. Also, holy crap, I have to bow down to seiyuu here because even though I went into this knowing it was Okitsu, for the better half of the CD I actually couldn’t hear his voice LOL it was so low and so different from his usual soft tone (which is how I describe Okitsu’s voice; that lilt that rises up like in his Tsuji Gakuen one).

    But oh man this one just struck me everywhere such as the horrible loneliness the Black King felt and how disgusted he was with killing but how he couldn’t stop himself because of his mania. You didn’t miss anything in your comprehension 4 years ago in this one because they never describe his illness any further than the curse from the sword and something that just makes him ache to kill people LOL.

    It’s so interesting because despite being a killer of tons of people (innocents included) he came off as being the most noble and pure of the bunch? Like he genuinely wanted to be cured and at the same time understood that to protect the kingdom he has to pick up a sword, etc etc. I can totally see how he and the heroine fall in love in this one and not to mention the passing days of the water cup and how in the end it symbolically turns to a representation of his love was so touching.

    LOL Despite loving this one the most out of all of them I feel like it’s going to have the shortest comment because I’m pretty much done here. Very impressed by Okitsu’s voice and the last scene was just… I wanted to cry at how he accepted the heroine and her curse and their impending death with open arms and a peace of mind (finally). Also, the whole bit about the mask thing and stuff was also a nice touch |D I’M A SUCKER FOR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST THINGS.

    • What I thought was really bittersweet about this CD was that she actually kind of holds up her end of the bargain because…maybe death really was the only way to cure his curse :’)

      It’s funny you’re commenting on Okitsu’s voice because this may have been the first time (or at the very least one of the first times) I heard him so it was kind of flipped for me when I listened to his Tsujisaki role and was like heeeeey it’s you but you sound different lol.

      I felt a little bad that I didn’t like the Black King right away because his outbursts put me off but I also need to cut myself some slack because I did have to build up my tolerance for certain things in CDs. I don’t think I’d bat an eyelash at his actions if I listened to this CD for the first time now, but 4 years ago…my tolerance was quite low lol.

      I’m actually a little conflicted because the Red King is the only one I liked immediately so I feel like he might still be my favorite but I really liked the Black King too so I don’t know lol

      I’m glad this was the last CD because it really put a nice closure to the series since he was the only one who accepted everything so calmly lol. Like you said (not in this comment but on Twitter lol), I’m really aching for this tokuten now since it’s the only one we don’t have access to right now and I’m curious what that spin will give to everything.

  2. Omg, I’m so late to comment about this and I’m so sorry about that, I must have missed the warning email in my inbox when you published this post, and I had the thought this morning ”I wonder if she ever reviewed the Black King finally?” and came to check and see you did MONTHS ago and ohhh I feel like a loser, gomen a thousand times for taking so long!!

    First: THANK YOU and congratulations on completing the journey! I can’t even imagine the will and dedication it took to listen again and again, trying to understand better what is said, putting up with the king’s yelling, soldiering on despite every other temptation distracting you and picking it up months after stopping to complete it. In the name of everyone who read this review but didn’t leave a comment, THANK YOU. That serie sounds hard to make sense of even when you have a good grasp of japanese, so even if I purchased it myself it would probably take me a billion years before I could reach that level of comprehension of it. Thank you ❤

    Now on the King himself! I totally agree with you, from your review he sounds a lot tamer. I don't know if I was just expecting the Black King to be the worse since there was a crescendo of cray-cray from Blue to White, or just because in general the serie seems to enjoy having protags with creative methods of torture, but it seemed quite straightforward and ''normal'', for a lack of a better word? If I am to be mean I'd even say Black seems a bit common in terms of character type. In any case, I won't remember him as vividly as I do the White King, for example (but then who could forget that maniac? XD)

    I agree with you though that Black knowing about the curse beforehand is a major difference that does make the love story more believable, since it means she risked her revenge. So even if we don't have a lot of development THAT detail makes her love non-ambiguous, contrary to the previous girls (we're still in the pity zone, but if it was just pity, she would have done like the others and just waited after the curse took hold and told him then). Plus it's interesting that for once the king could embrace the girl knowingly, rather than feeling trapped/being resigned to it in a way. Although in his case, maybe it can be argued that the fact she offered escape from his pain added to his love?

    Anyway, that was really an interesting concept for a serie, and I hope they come out with something similar in the future! But OMG the tokutens. ''Failed Revenge'' scenarios? Ohhhh from a storytelling POV that's priceless, but ugh I don't know how people can stomach it. The kings are probably evilly laughing in the girl's face and she's subjected to a fate worse than death and…I dunno I love bad ends in games because they're so fascinating but having one directly into my ears where I don't have the screen to separate myself from the MC might be too much T_T I feel your completionist pain, though. Having every special and whatnot really can bleed a wallet XD

    I'm writing a wall of text again XD I can't wait to see what new serie you pick up next! I'll be here to read! 🙂

    • Hello, dear, welcome back!

      Please don’t apologize for being “late.” I’m honestly touched that you wanted to check back and I’d rather I post something and you find out later about it than have you wait for something…especially at my current state, I haven’t posted in a while and I’m not close to finishing anything up even though I’ve been slowly working on things…I’ve been a bad combination of busy due to trip preparation, cleaning, having relatives over, and getting sick…a lot. I’m still trying to get back on my feet.

      You’re really too sweet. Even if this is the only comment I ever get, it would be enough that one person really appreciated me posting this series, especially since I would constantly ask myself why I was even reviewing it, haha.

      And I wouldn’t put yourself down too much. I really don’t think my grasp of Japanese is as good as you think it is and I still have a lot to learn. Listening comprehension used to be one of my weaker points before I got into drama CDs, but within a few months I already feel like it vastly improved. It was tough in he beginning, but it’s much easier now and when I’m feeling lazy, sometimes I even prefer listening to a drama CD than playing a game since the latter is more work, hahaha. If you’re feeling like you’re not good at understanding Japanese, it would be worth it to try to listen even if you can’t understand as much as you’d like in the beginning. You could start with CDs that people have translated line by line and listen along with reading to get a feel for it. Eventually, to improve, you would want to phase off the translations and try to see how much you can understand on your own, but you can take baby steps. The nice thing about the CDs is the fact that you can relisten to them and there’s not time limit on hving to understand something quickly.

      That’s actually a good way to put it, about him not being memorable. I honestly had to go back and skim what I wrote about the Black King in order to properly comment on what you wrote. The Blue King stuck with me because his mannequin thing freaked me out. I actually liked the Red King, so obviously he stuck with me. And the White King’s CD probably fried my brain with everything that was going on, so I won’t be forgetting that any time soon. In comparison, the Black King didn’t really leave a huge impact, which is interesting since it was the last.

      However, I do have to say that having her tell him the curse earlier is probably the smartest thing they did do in his CD. It’s the thing that really stayed in my mind since, like I said, it made me think about and question the relationships in all the previous CDs. It did feel like it was possible that she was offering him that escape since his life was so full of suffering.

      I did think the concept was interesting too. I would probably be interested if they did a dark theme link this again, and they probably will based on their track record. I believe Hitsujigumo is the one that did Jooubachi after all, and while I didn’t listen to the CDs, I can’t imagine they’re very different than the game version of the characters.

      I actually pictured the “failed revenge” scenarios a lot different than that. Part of me did get the impression that the scenario might be extremely twisted, but the bigger part of me actually felt like the tokutens had a chance of being…a little fluffy? I might be delusional, but I could almost picture these CDs continuing off where they don’t die and somehow end up happy together (and the revenge is failed because they don’t kill their targets) or it would be a last track replacement. Like instead of going through with the plan, the girls don’t and confess their plans and then somehow end up happy with their guys? I realize there is a lot of flawed reasoning here, seeing as the Black King knew about the curse before and the Blue King was possibly steadily being fed the curse over a longer period of time, but that’s just me. I kind of just want the CDs now just to know what the scenarios actually are.

      I have a love/hate relationship with bad ends. Some bad ends I find completely unnecessary as I can’t find what they add to the story at all, but other bad ends do add something, so I can’t dislike those endings…and then there are just the endings that make me feel conflicted because while they do have some addition to the story, they’re just so messed up that they have me screaming why over and over again.

      Hahahaha. I never thought about it that way. I guess in that sense, drama CDs are a bit more involving than games, huh? Since there’s that distinction with the pictured heroine and the screen whereas drama CDs make you the listener.

      My wallet is so so empty. I was supposed to be iron-plating it for the Hiyokuroku tokutens which I will automatically be buying but that plan hasn’t been going so well…

      I love walls of text! I write them a lot myself xD I still don’t know when I’ll pick up a drama CD series again, but I’m thinking about it. It might have to be single CDs at this rate. Most of the series I thought about reviewing have several CDs out already so I probably will have to wait until new series come out so I don’t start off behind from the get-go…thanks again for reading! ❤

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