2nd Year Blog Anniversary

I just got informed by WordPress that today marks my blog’s 2nd anniversary (◕‿◕)! I can’t believe it’s been around that long.

Having said that, I would like to apologize by how inactive I’ve been lately. I glanced at the amount of reviews I’ve written since last year and the number of otome games I’ve played and…the count for both is atrociously low. I didn’t count precisely but I’m pretty sure Hana Awase KU-hen and Kokuchou were the only full game reviews I completed (>m<). I’ve been so inactive in this community that I almost didn’t log on today and would’ve completely missed my blog’s anniversary ooops (⌒_⌒;). When I get into things, I fall in head first, but I also get distracted easily (mostly by other hobbies that take all my attention). This past year was a really good example of how much this happens.

On the plus side, I’ve started to be more active in the sense that I’m actually using my Twitter! If you’re too shy to leave a comment on here either because it just kind of sticks around forever or you have more general questions not related to any of my blog posts, feel free to chat with me on there o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o!

Speaking of Twitter, since I tend to tweet pictures of items I receive in the mail when I get them, unless there’s a really good reason, I will no longer do unboxing posts . My photo editing program is apparently going to stop existing soon too so just as well.

Since I’m on the topic of blog changes, I feel that this blog anniversary calls for some resolutions.

Once I’ve finished the Amnesia World reviews (yes, I will finish that eventually), I will try to stick to a shorter style of reviewing in order to intimidate myself less so I can try to post more often. It’s not like I make really long, detailed reviews anyway but I just thought I’d throw that out there.

I have several started games and also have many unopened/unplayed other games so my backlog has become a black hole. In order to dent my collection, my plan is to alternate between starting new games and finishing up old ones to try and keep my interest up. I will still pick and choose which ones I review. This decision will be based on a mixture of personal interest and also how many other bloggers have played or reviewed games I bought. I don’t currently take requests, but if anyone is interested in me reviewing games that you noticed I pre-ordered/am planning to play, I’ll try to take that into account as well.

I didn’t actually intend on this post coming out so long but it somehow happened. I notice that I managed to gain some new followers within the last year despite my snail-paced reviewing. Thank you to everyone for sticking with me and for everyone who gave this blog a try. I can’t guarantee I’ll be super active this year, but I’ll make an effort to get things done instead of sitting on them forever like I usually do.

Thanks again, guys. You’re the best! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


13 thoughts on “2nd Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Congrats on the blog anniversary!! *\(^o^)/* I also have times when I feel like I’ve been inactive in the otoge community because I’m not playing enough games (or not playing any game at all), but I agree there’s always twitter to tell you the recent happenings. Which is why I love twitter! >w<

    Ps. I'm sorry for spamming with unfinished comments ;;; I accidentally pressed the reply button without finishing what I'm writing (and I can't believe I did it twice!). Just delete them or something ahahaha ^_^;

    • Thank you~

      I envy that you’re good about choosing your games though, so if you’re not playing anything, at least you don’t have an overwhelming backlog staring at you. It would be better for my wallet if I could pick things better hahahah

      And don’t worry about it! I got a good laugh from it because I feel like something similar problem happened to me before ^^;

  2. Happy Anniversary, Sena!! That is amazing!! I hope you’ll continue to share your awesome posts for many years more to come! Lol let’s all become old peeps who still blog 😛
    And don’t worry about your backlog…it’s the monster no one wants to look at lol

    • Thank you!! I hope we keep doing this for a long time as well. We gotta stick together in this community 🙂

      Uh yeah…that backlog is terrifying. In terms of how it looks as a collection it’s beautiful but when I think about how many games I’ve actually played it’s kind of bad. I wish you luck on tackling your backlog as well!

  3. Congrats on your second year blog anniversary! 🎆🎇🎉🎊
    I’m looking forward to your reviews, but you don’t have to feel pressured, take your time and we’ll be here waiting ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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