Game Review: Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama


Japanese Title: 猛獣たちとお姫様
Romanization: Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama
Translation: Beast and Princess

These shorter reviews seem to be working better for me right now so I think I’ll keep to this style for a while. This game was one of the games I was really anticipating for this year: a spin-off of Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama (Beastmaster and Prince).

This will be a mostly non-spoiler review, but if I have spoiler thoughts, I’ll say explicitly when they come up.


Julia is the princess of the country Veykh. She’s lived in seclusion her whole life in this small part of the castle. While she has minimal contact with other people and none to the outside world, she has a bunch of animal buddies to keep her company that she picked up along the way: a white horse named Ryszard, a dog named Ludwik, a yellow canary named Mias, and a bear named Jozef. She also gets visited by her cousin, Henryk, once and a while.

One day, she finds out from Henryk that she needs to escape right away because her parents were assassinated by her uncle, Hubert. Realizing that she can’t take care of the animals anymore, Julia says goodbye to them and prepares to leave. However, Hubert makes an appearance soon after and orders Julia to kill herself. Before she follows through with it, her animal friends help her escape. She takes with her a pouch from her parents that holds something to be used for emergencies. While running away, the contents, rainbow-colored dust, falls on her four animal buddies and turns them into humans.





The art was probably one of the better aspects of the game. It was aesthetically pleasing and the CGs were pretty good as well. I felt like the CGs were consistent with the sprites and they felt pretty balanced of showcasing the guys on their own plus showing the guys with Julia. Personally, I also liked that while the style is different from the original Moujuutsukai game it isn’t such a difference that it would make the games feel like they were in completely different universes. If they used the artist for say, Kyoukai no Shirayuki, it would’ve looked very odd indeed.

As an extra note, I really liked the funny expressions they would sometimes use on the sprites and the fact that they could be used on both the humans and the animals.


One kind of spoilery complaint I had regarding the art is: Ryszard’s clothes were significantly nicer than the other three animal companions so I had a guess really early on that he was some missing prince, especially since he didn’t act like the other animals did. I was kind of disappointed that this proved to be true but it just felt like such a giveaway.


The music was alright. There were some tracks I liked and it seemed to match the mood of the setting but it wasn’t enough for me to want an OST of it like I often want for so many games. It’s almost not worth having a section about the music since I don’t have much to say about it. There was one track I recall not really caring for in the original game but I didn’t have that problem this time, so I guess they did better this time in that sense.


I wanted to be able to say that I loved the characters on the same level as Matheus and company from the first game, but I really didn’t. They had all the equivalents (eg. 4 animals to the 4 princes that stayed with the protagonist) but I can’t say they were very riveting. I mildly liked Ryszard, Henryk, and the Wizard, but not enough. They could have been interesting if more effort had been put into developing them and their stories/issues, but they felt very 2D. I might like 2D men a lot, but I like my 2D men to have depth. If you have low expectations, they’re passable as characters but they don’t hold up to the gang from Moujuutsukai. None of them incited that “doki” feeling in me that I would’ve liked to have and my sympathies for their situations didn’t go that far. I mean this is an otome game so really, if I don’t like at least one of the guys significantly by the time I’ve finished playing that’s pretty sad?

Something else that bothered me was that the animals didn’t really seem to have a hard time adjusting to being humans. Not that the plot itself is very realistic, but that aspect didn’t feel right to me because they’ve completely changed species yet they held themselves passably as humans without trouble. You could see the game tried to make them keep some animal aspects of themselves but it wasn’t a lot and only came up when it was convenient to make things happen in the game.

Not only were the guys disappointing but Julia was too. While I’m aware that she didn’t have much contact with anyone except her cousin and animal pals, she felt shallow as a character and didn’t end up developing much after each route finished either. It was like they took the traits “naivety” and “kindness,” smashed them together, and turned them into a person. I understand that not all heroines can be spunky, but she didn’t need to be in order to have been better. She just completely lacked agency in her own story and things just kept happening around her. From the original game, if I recall correctly, Tiana also cooked well and was kind, but she had more distinguishing traits and ambitions that made her feel more like a real character. She had a dream so there was more of a driving force to her actions and it felt like the guys fell in love with her because it was her. In Julia’s case (except for maybe Henryk because siscon), it felt like it didn’t need to be her. She just felt like a hollow character put in the game because they needed a heroine and she filled that role.

There was also like…zero chemistry with Julia and the guys at all? I don’t even know how or why anyone fell in love with her to be honest. It was as if she was the only person for them to fall in love with so they just fell in love with her because she was there. Or maybe it was because she was just so kind and everyone loved that. In the case of the main four guys, it could’ve been because their affection towards her as animals spilled over into their human forms but I just didn’t really feel a development there. Sure, they spent time together but I didn’t really see the falling in love bit. It was like “this is happening because this is an otome game and romance must happen.”


The plot was just…bad. It had terrible pacing, and even then, there wasn’t much to pace through. A lot of what went on felt like fillers. You spend most of the game running away and settling into a new place and then you have this witch thing that suddenly becomes an issue. It’s kind of happening in the back so it’s not like you don’t expect it to come up at some point, but it was just thrown in there. It was as if they just needed to have a witch adversary so they made it happen. The whole thing felt very mechanical.

The main “mystery” of the game was only really revealed in the Wizard’s storyline and I was not satisfied with it at all. I admit that for part of the route, I did find it a little interesting when I noticed they were tying it to Moujuutsukai a little more concretely, but it wasn’t and engaging storyline. It also felt odd to have so many untied ends in everyone else’s routes but suddenly lots of reveals happen in this one character’s route. Everyone else’s routes kind of ended in some random place most of the time. They had very weak resolutions and they didn’t even address all the issues brought up.

It was disappointing because there was so much opportunity to make it a good story but they didn’t take it. I mean, they even developed this map:


They had these four countries Veykh, Aruce, Pycex, and Mettenz (I think that’s how you spell them based on the map) and the countries themselves seemed like they were known for certain things but it didn’t really come up in the story line (except in Pycex a bit since a good portion of the story takes place there). Why even spend time making these different countries if you’re not going to do much with them?



Start screen


Extras page


FMMS (the mofumofu area)


Chapter Jump section

To my disappointment, there was no “skip to the next choice” option like in Period:Cube (WHY IS THIS NOT A THING COME ON, OTOMATE). They did at least have the Chapter Jump section which let you start later in routes, which was helpful in getting the Bad Ends. At some point, I restarted Ludwik’s route and made different choices when I was hunting for CGs I was missing (this didn’t actually pan out and I found out the CGs I was missing came from elsewhere anyway). While choosing a different option did change the scene quite a lot, I was so bored with the storyline I didn’t care so much about how this showcased how making the “wrong” choices influenced your “Fame,” which is usually something I like seeing in games. Speaking of the “Fame,” this actually influenced whether you got a Good or Bad End (this game only has two endings for each character).


Menu you access while in a route


If you click “Status” from the Menu, you can see the affection of characters plus the “Fame” you gained.

Pretty simply, to get the Good End you need high affection from the character and a high level of Fame. I didn’t check this a lot while playing because I used a guide so I can’t say how much of each you need, but if you like playing without a guide you can use this to gauge how you’re doing. If a choice you make raises Fame, you get some live feedback from this little Fame up icon that would appear on the right side above the text box after making the choice.

The mofumofu system was terrible. I was looking forward to being able to use the touch screen because I played Moujuutsukai on the PSP, but using the touch screen to mofumofu the characters often led to me accidentally hitting them several times. I gave up and went back to using the joystick and the “O” button because that seemed to be the only way to consistently mofu them nicely. It’s very disappointing that they didn’t make the mofumofu system workable, like do the creators think the touchscreen of the Vita is just for show or what?


Sorry, Ryszard, didn’t mean to pet your nose but I guess you were okay with it since I got hearts

The game also had this “if” route that you could play once you finished all other routes. The content itself was basically like what would’ve happened if Julia never had to leave and all the info was more forthcoming. All the characters (with sprites) that you meet in the game interact with Julia back at the castle and all the mysteries come up and get solved at one time. I didn’t find it too interesting personally and it also confused me that this “if” route had so many CGs. I thought I had been missing CGs from the individual character routes but that wasn’t the case.

Another complaint I had was regarding that Mofumofu Master trophy. I thought you would get it from successfully doing all the mofumofus in the game, but you actually would get it after doing all the mofumofus in the FMMS section that you can access from the Extras menu option. Luckily I was able to look up online how to get this trophy so I didn’t struggle with it too long, but it was kind of annoying and added nothing extra to the game.


Unfortunately, I really can’t recommend this game. I can’t even recommend it just for the nostalgia for gamers who played Moujuutsukai because there’s not enough in here to make it worth the play. It pains me a little to say that because I really enjoyed Moujuutsukai but it just felt like Otomate didn’t put a lot of effort into this game. Like usual, they expected the glory of the previous game to invite in past gamers (which it did it for me) but they didn’t put the stock behind it to make it a good game in its own merit. It was like they were aiming for mediocre.

Especially playing this after The House in Fata Morgana, the shallow set-up of the story was very clear. I don’t expect every game to have as much much depth as Fata did but they could’ve at least tried to do something with this game. I was bored the majority of the time and was playing it just to finish it. If you’re going to put all that money into producing it, shouldn’t you at least try a little harder to make it a success? I’m not in business so I don’t know anything about the numbers, but I feel like making a mediocre game wouldn’t bring in enough money to make up for all the production costs so why make the game at all? I notice this happens a lot though, so maybe I’m wrong…

In any case, planning on cleansing myself with Haitaka. I have high expectations of this since everyone I know who finished it seems to be content. At the very least, it should be more satisfying than this game was.


36 thoughts on “Game Review: Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama

  1. How unfortunate. :\ I still remember how we were both looking forward to this when we first heard the news since we both enjoy the first MtO game. How could they screw up the mofumofu system though, to the point that it becomes a con. ;; Thanks for the review! I can safely strike this off my to-buy list (not that I’ve been buying anything the past few months ‘cos my current backlog is toooo long). I’m definitely planning to get Haitaka though!

    • I know right? I feel like I’m going to be more cautious of spinoff games now because of this. I didn’t expect the story to be grand but I expected more out of the mofumofu system, specifically because it’s a game that’s made for a console with a touchscreen. I can understand how the touchscreen programming might be minimal with some other games they release but the mofumofu system was one of the things previous player would’ve looked forward to so that was just sad.

      I feel you on that backlog, friend. I’m trying to get through mine slowly as well. I’ve actually been doing pretty well the last few months but it’s barely denting the backlog hahah. Haitaka is definitely a must buy! I’m not finished with it yet but I’m really enjoying it so far.

      • Sadly, I agree that we best be more cautious. :\ Yup, the original MtO story wasn’t mind-blowing either but it was decent and enjoyable enough. Usually if the story wasn’t great, it would be up to the characters to draw fans in. But from what I read, the characters weren’t appealing enough for you. www Oh well…and yes, the poorly-implemented mofumofu system. ^^;

        Any progress is still great! And good to hear that you’re enjoying Haitaka thus far. 😀 At least it met your expectations.

        • This is true, but like you said, the characters helped to carry the story even if the plot wasn’t the greatest. At the same time, the plot also wasn’t too terrible, it just wasn’t amazing lol. You’re right, the characters in Mojuutachi weren’t enough to hold the game. I was hoping they would be better, but I wasn’t that impressed. If they went a little deeper, the characters could’ve been better but they didn’t develop them enough so in the end they’re kind of forgettable. I can really see that now because I’m playing Haitaka.

          Speaking of Haitaka, I don’t want to talk about it too much obviously because you’re going to play it (soon?), but I’m really close to finishing it. I’m on the last route so I’m going to save my opinions until a bit later but I’d still say it’s a pretty good game. Hopefully you can get to it soon!

          • Ahaha I guess the difference really shows when you play a more decent game right after or before it. :’D

            Not sure how soon I will get to it. I definitely will make myself finish the rest of TaiAli before moving onto anything else haha. Okay, shall look forward to your afterthoughts!

            • It really does. I could see a huge difference since I played better games both before and after Moujuutachi. Speaking of which, I finished Haitaka last night! Can’t quite figure out if it was shorter than Kokuchou or not but I think it’s pretty comparable in length.

              Good luck finishing TaiAli! I need to get to playing that too but I haven’t yet because thinking about four games in a row feels like a big commitment lol. I’ll look forward to when you can get to Haitaka too in the future 🙂

            • Congrats! I’ll have to read your Haitaka post sometime soon. 😀 Since everyone is talking about it, it’ll probably get bumped further up in my to-play list ‘cos I’d wanna avoid seeing any spoilers as much as possible.

              Thank you! Yeah four games in a row seems like a lot. But on the flipside it’s just 2 routes per game (excluding the epilogue). So it’s like…7 routes? Similar those titles with 6 capture-able characters or more haha.

            • Thank you ^^. I was worried I’d run into a lot of spoilers since I played the game around 2 weeks after I actually received it since I was finishing up Moujuutachi, but the other otome gamers I follow on Twitter are very courteous and I didn’t get spoiled at all so that was pretty nice. It’s true that the longer something’s been out, the higher chance you have of getting spoiled though. Did you already buy the game?

              This is true. It seems like it’s kind of long though? Since it was made as standalone games originally. I actually started Taisho x Alice on the computer, but when I actually get to it, I’ll probably play on the Vita. I don’t think I was dissatisfied with it or anything, I just for some reason stopped and haven’t picked it up again yet. I’ll look forward to your final thoughts on that game (or games?) too 🙂

            • Nope I haven’t bought it yet. I’ve been making myself not but anything new till I at least finish an otoge this year LOL. (I only finished a FD for a BL game so far). But since I’ve been making good progress with TaiAli so far, I may get it once I’m done with TaiAli.

              I still remember being frustrated with the Vita port news because I was one of those who bought each standalone game whenever it was released…anyway playing it on PC makes it easier for me to write my posts at the same time so I don’t mind. I plan to write a non-spoiler about TaiAli once I finish all four episodes. 😀

            • That makes sense. It helps minimize the backlog and also motivates you to finish the game you’re playing now.

              I was in the same boat! I bought each PC game but once the port was announced I knew I wouldn’t have the motivation to play on the PC. I try to be careful with PC purchases because it’s hard to get myself to go on a PC when handheld devices are much more convenient.

            • Yeah, I just have a very low motivation to play games on the PC because it tires me out faster. Also, since I have a desk job, I’m literally sitting in front of the computer all day when I’m playing PC games so the commitment level must be high.

            • Not that staring at the PS Vita screen is any better for your eyes since it’s also LCD but I suppose the screen is smaller? Less exposure? lol

  2. Tbh, I wasn’t really expect much from this.. For me, I still prefer Tiana very much (one of the game that doesn’t make me sleepy) XD Well since THIS IS OTOMATE I wasn’t surprised when ppl said it was boring.

    But I was really excited for the mofumofu and when the reality was different from the expectation and from Beastmaster and Prince.. Idk what to say anymore. Honestly I never really got the whole vibe from the spin-off situation here since its kinda…lacking? Tiana was and still an awesome heroine but I don’t think I can say the same thing to Julia tho…

    Anyway, good work! Most of your reviews are always spot on 😀 and I was really glad I manage to slip away from this game even though I was REALLY tempted to buy since the art is sooooo amazing (except the mofumofu part which is a bit of a wtf) and since I’ve learnt my lesson 2 years ago (Reine des Fleur anybody?) so I became super cautious when picking a game lmao since my money is on the verge of losing their existance second by second since I entered the holy miserable life of college… QAQ

    Oh, you are doing Haitaka soon? Looking forward for it ❤ and good luck~

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment 🙂

      I really should’ve been more discerning over why I wanted this game before pre-ordering it. It was basically due to the connection it had to the first game (plus pretty art). If I had thought more about it, like you said, the feel of the set-up wasn’t the same. The fact that the heroine was a locked up princess should’ve made me question where the story could go from there but I went for it anyway 😐

      Thank you! When I write reviews (especially because lately I’ve been doing shorter non-spoiler ones), I sometimes worry about my commentary because it’s all personal opinion basically. If it helps even one person want to try out a game I enjoyed or avoid a game that I thought was a waste of time, then it makes it worth it.

      Ah yeah, the notorious Reine des Fleurs. I ended up buying that one too (I even got the LE set >.<). In my defense, I had high hopes for that story though so it wasn't purely based on the art. Since I have it, I do want to play it eventually, but it's not high on the priority list for obvious reasons haha. I think it should definitely be a lesson that we should look at more than art when we buy games. In your case, even more so since you're going to have college expenses and not as much time so you have to be choosier about what you buy and what you spend your free time on. Good luck with that!

      Yes! I've started Haitaka but I've been a little busy this week so even though I started playing at the beginning of the week I've only gotten in maybe 3 hours? of gameplay in so far. It's already much better than Moujuutachi. I heard it's pretty short like Kokuchou was, so I should be able to finish it relatively quickly assuming I'm less busy over the weekend. Thanks again for dropping by ❤

  3. I hear you, Sena. I picked this up and UGH it was soooooooooo boring. I was able to do pretty well in regards to the language, but dear God I was not amused. The routes were so short, the Deus Ex Machina were strong with the game, and it was such a rip off.

    • Oh no, you picked it up too? That’s unfortunate. I actually kept falling asleep when I was playing this. I agree that the routes were short (I mean Common Route was two chapters and each character route was two chapters too) but because it was so draggy, they actually felt long at times because I just wanted to finish lol. When they revealed the plot in the Wizard’s route I was kind of like “are they really doing this? Is this seriously what the whole plot is?” Of course at the time, I had sat through everyone else’s routes already so I wasn’t too surprised but still.

      Hope your next game isn’t a dud.

      • Haha yep -_-
        I’m still not confident with my Japanese, but comparing the 3 routes I did (which is why I didn’t review it, since I only review games I complete) with Hinano’s experience, I see I wasn’t off the mark.
        I didn’t play wizard but honestly it’s not worth picking it up again.
        I hope your next game is better also.

        • I’m sure your Japanese is much better than you think it is! Especially because you can pick up a lot just from exposure. If I wasn’t such a completionist, I would’ve dropped the game too. Playing through the whole thing has no merit because you don’t get much out of finishing it.

          Do you have a game in mind you’re planning on playing next?

            • I’ve been playing Haitaka no Psychedelica. I’ve played it for only three hours so far because I’ve been busy this week but it’s already more interesting than Moujuutachi so I have high hopes for it.

              On your side, that’s a lot of games! I heard good things about the story in Zettai Kaikyuu, DwD must be interesting (I only saw most of the anime. Haven’t finished it yet oops), and I’m sure you’re having fun with the system in KLAP!

            • OOOOO my friend sent me her copy of Haitaka since she has two. She’s really obsessed with that series.
              Lol I hope it turns out to be amazing! Lucky you, I wish I was more advanced in Japanese.
              Haha yeah, sometimes I burnout because of how much Japanese it is, so I switch between them to keep things interesting.
              KLAP! is so much fun rofl 😉

            • Why did she have two copies? Was is that one to play on, one to share, and one to display thing for collectors? Although if that were the case, she would’ve had three copies lol. Did you play Kokuchou? I think the creators were saying you could actually play Haitaka without having played Kokuchou but everyone I know who picked it up did so because they played Kokuchou first (myself included).

              If it makes you feel better, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m actually understanding things or if I just think I do. I play lazy style where sometimes I skip over things I don’t know and figure things out from context. If you keep practicing you’ll get better. Don’t be lazy like me and actually study/practice!

              I do the same thing! Sometimes I break from otome games to read books in English so I can feel better about myself/comprehend things faster. Also, I’m glad you’re enjoying KLAP! I shall look forward to your thoughts on it later 🙂

            • Haha she said that she ordered two on accident and it was too much of a hassle to return them.
              And yep! I played a decent chunk of the first game, so I’m hoping to finish it soon and play the next one.
              Oh I didn’t know that. That’s really neat!!
              Haha, right? Makes you feel smart.
              And yeah….I skip a lot too if I don’t get it. I mean, if you just power through, you’ll never want to touch it again rofl
              And oh yes 😉 you shall know about my experience with KLAP lolol

            • Ah yeah, returning things is a hassle. I tried to do that once in Japan and while I succeeded, returning things in Japan seems like it’s rare and the cashier looked at me strangely (although part of it might have been because I said things incorrectly…). That’s nice you were able to get a copy of the game that way!

              It’s kind of a balance that needs to be maintained. If I play too quickly and look nothing up, then I’m not getting as much out of the game as I should be since I was too lazy. I also can’t spend time looking up every single thing though, because that would make me play too slowly, and I would lose interest before finishing.

              That should be fun! I actually don’t know too much about KLAP’s plot any more because I only really paid attention to the system 😀

  4. Deceived by the sparkly art ;w; I’m wincing in sympathy for you for having to wade through this game but also thankful of this review and the hit you took for the team. I only played one route in the original Moujuutsukai and I still remember being impressed with Tiana’s dream to be like her parents (or was it mother?) and how that factored in to her kind of saving the country (world?) from the evil dragon villain.

    But hearing about Julia… 😦 that sucks so much. Come on, Otomate, you can do better than that. I thought we were moving into a new age of interesting heroines.

    “They could have been interesting if more effort had been put into developing them and their stories/issues, but they felt very 2D. I might like 2D men a lot, but I like my 2D men to have depth.”

    “I was looking forward to being able to use the touch screen because I played Moujuutsukai on the PSP, but using the touch screen to mofumofu the characters often led to me accidentally hitting them several times.”

    On another note I cracked up so hard at those two things you wrote above. We may like 2D men but we still have our standards for 2D men!! Hahaha.

    • Hahaha, I didn’t even write what the plot actually was either (it was really short though so I could probably add it in if I really wanted to), but I’m sure your opinion on it won’t change if you did know what happened. I’m glad not a lot of people on my TL bought this game because I’d rather take one for the team than have other people waste their time and money on it. I didn’t know you only played one route in Moujuutsukai! Whose route was it? Yes, Tiana was a great heroine. Fool on me for expecting Julia to be on that level I guess. I actually thought I didn’t have high expectations for this game but I guess part of me still thought it would be better so it was a huge letdown.

      I mean, in a way, it was kind of funny when I hit them because they would be like “what’re you doing,” but I didn’t like hitting Ludwik because he would sound sad like “did I do something wrong?” and it would make me think of my dogs so I just didn’t like it.

      Right??? I mean, it’s true. Some drama CD characters felt more developed than these characters did, and I spent more time with the Moujuutachi gang so that’s pretty sad. I’m sure we’re not the only one who hold our 2D men up to standards lol

  5. This is the second review that I read that said how bad the mofumofu system and plots are 😥 I was so hyped before it got released, specially after seeing those shiny sparkly PV haha. I think I’ll move this lower on my game-buying priority list, and pick up another title :’) thanks for the great review btw! They always have beautiful sparkly arts aren’t they haha

    • Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Frankly, I’m not surprised that someone else mentioned how bad the mofumofu system was and how lackluster the plot was because those things really stood out while playing. I did manage to get better at using the mofumofu via the touchscreen after a while, but it was less responsive and therefore harder to use. When using it, I was always worried I’d accidentally smack the animals again like I kept doing in the beginning.

      I was also really excited about this game when it was first announced so I can understand the disappointment you must be feeling. I would definitely recommend picking up a different game instead of this one. There are so many better ones out there for you to play. I think most people are definitely attracted to sparkly art, myself included, but it’s definitely better to buy a game based on more than just art. Good luck finding a good game to spend your time on! 🙂

        • Are you referring to Tierblade? I’ve been interested in that game for a while as well but I haven’t gotten it yet because I was a little worried about the game system being complicated/annoying when I read about it on the official site. It looks like it’s been getting good reviews on Amazon, but you’re right that I haven’t seen anyone else in the English-speaking otome game community review it yet. I was trying to wait for someone I know to play it first and give me their opinion before deciding if I should get it since I have a lot of other games I could play first.

          • Yesh! I’m referring to Tierblade… I’m actually kinda interested with the system haha, and the fact that otomate chose gundam-ish theme for their project /// amazon japan did have good reviews about ’em, but sometimes my taste is kinda different with the japanese fangirl haha so I usually wait for other kaigai fangirl to review , after that considering where it would be on my game-buying-priority
            So many games so little time :’)
            I do hope this one is a good hit tho //

            • I completely get you. Sometimes my opinion also doesn’t match with Japanese otomes so I tend to trust the reviews from outside Japan more. Games definitely take a lot of time! I would suggest limiting your purchases as much as possible or you’ll end up spending a lot of money and having a huge backlog like me. People who play the games they buy right away don’t seem to have this problem so it might be best to do that.

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