Game Review: Reine des fleurs

Original Japanese Title:
Translation: Reine des fleurs (Queen of Flowers)

Okay, so I’m playing a bit of catch-up (again). I started this game pretty much right after I finished CxM but never reviewed it so…here’s the review! I’ve since played 3 MORE games after Reine so assuming my motivation holds, I intend to review those as well. Damn, I procrastinate worse now than I did when I was in school LOL.

Back to the actual game, I started playing it because Reine is infamous for the 40ish bad ends (similar to CxM) so I decided to play it to get it out of the way. I went into this game with extremely low expectations so I’m not sure if that influenced my opinion at all, but this (mostly unspoiler) review will contain my usual commentary on the different aspects of the game while not really giving away actual events.


Paterdeame is a floating kingdom in the sky that presides over the lower continent Solvieux, which is composed of the four kingdoms Pivoine, Campanule, Chrysantheme, Villet.


In order to keep the countries from decaying, Grace must continually be supplied to the four kingdoms. Originally this was done by the Goddess of Love, Milene, but she passes on the responsibility to the first Reine, who would be born with the power to move Grace. The Reine would be tasked with distributing and maintaining the balance of Grace together with four knights (one representing each kingdom) in order to achieve this.

The Reine and knights positions have continued for several generations, but for some reason, before Violette, a new Reine had not been born for some time so they were unable to move Grace around. As such, the state of all the kingdoms have been slowly falling into ruin without a new supply of Grace. The game follows Violette, the current Reine, and her newly appointed four knights.


Man, I have so much to say about the plot. Please bear with me. First off I have to mention that Reine is a far cry from what I wanted and expected of the plot and setting back when it was first announced. In that sense, the game is extremely disappointing because it really felt like such a waste of a good premise. I have to get that out of the way because I know it possibly colored my opinion on the game but I’m also trying to separate this pre-play disappointment with what was actually presented in the game.

So now, if I analyzed the game as is, taking those initial expectations out of the way, it was actually still disappointing, but for different reasons. I can accept the pasts and certain unique situations surrounding the characters. Some of the ideas could’ve potentially been interesting. It was just executed so poorly. That was probably the most disappointing thing about the game, they didn’t work well with what the game actually had. It was kind of a mess. A little extra time and care spent on developing certain parts more and consistency in ideas would’ve gone a long way.

I think they had a lot of good things going but I just don’t like what they made the overall “mystery” be. It’s an overdone plot point and the lack of consistency in how everything was handled between the routes (and even within the same route at times) was a huge turn off. At times I can forgive slightly lackluster plots, but lack of consistency is a big minus for me because it undermines or contradicts what happens in other routes. If I know there’s a good solution that doesn’t involve a lot of unnecessary drama and death in one route, then the deaths and “tragedy” in the other routes feel meaningless because they could have been avoided completely. I love the ideas of sacrifice and the realistic idea that you can’t have it all and can’t save everything but…not if it isn’t necessary. I just didn’t buy into it.

All the tragedies felt forced. Telling me someone has to be “sacrificed” makes it feel like less of one. In fact, I now slightly cringe when I hear that word in any other content because it was used/emphasized so damn much in this game. It could be a cultural language thing I’m missing, but they would literally say it all the time in every route and it just got tiring. I’ve never seen people fret in a game so much over this so-called “sacrifice” they would be making with their decisions, or how their choices would make someone else have to “sacrifice” themselves. Please give me a break. To me, the people who really feel like they’re making a sacrifice are the ones who don’t go out of the way to call attention to what they’re giving up. I’m not saying you can’t mourn the loss but it was just overdone in this game. The bigger a deal they made out of their sacrifice, the less I cared. If the characters had handled things with a little more grace and dignity I would’ve felt much more sympathy for them. As a result of them making me play through so many useless bad ends I may have just become desensitized but more often than not it didn’t move me at all.

Something that came to my attention was that the weight of lives and events were so different in each route. In general, I didn’t feel like everyone took their responsibilities and obligations as seriously as they should have. Violette felt immature the majority of the time as a result of this. Sure, I can’t say anything because I wasn’t raised with that type of position hanging over my head but she was so naive and the driving forces behind her decisions felt shallow. For the guys, if you’re selected as a knight with a whole country on your shoulders, you have a lot to think about and a lot of lives at stake. Sometimes I think they accepted the decisions of Violette and other characters too easily, like it only affected the immediate people in their group and not their whole country or  the people they represented. This makes no sense and is actually quite frightening for people in power to make decisions this way.

When I first started playing, there was a point where I was like, hey, this maybe isn’t too bad. I actually felt bad for the characters and their conflicts. But the more I played, the more fed up with the plot I got because the more I learned, the more plot holes and inconsistencies I saw. Most of the sympathies I felt for the characters and sadness at any untimely ends disappeared as more info was revealed. I don’t know, I just felt very letdown by it all when there was so much potential for this set-up to make an amazing game filled with the conflict of duty and personal desires.

Also, randomyl, it’s probably because I don’t know any French, but it took me a really long time to realize they were saying “Grace” instead of “grass.” In the beginning this really confused me a bit because I thought it was another play on the flower people and all the garden metaphors the game used.


I feel like most of the time, I liked characters more outside of their own routes, but I liked some of the insights you got from playing theirs. I think I enjoyed their general interaction with each other before all the drama started kicking in but I don’t know if I felt connected enough to them exactly. Was it a lack of character development? Did all the inconsistencies just make me care about them less? I’m not sure what it was but I could feel a distance between me and the characters that made me feel less connected to the story.

I do want to say I really liked the (butterfly) attendants to the knights. Their dynamics with each other as well as with their respective knights were interesting. Violette’s butterflies, Ruri and Akane, were kind of annoying to me in the beginning, but they also grew on me more near the end.

Leon (knight from Pivoine) was pretty cute but was somehow different than I imagined. I think he was a good character who suffered as a result of poor writing. He felt like he had so many bad ends for no reason and his good end wasn’t even good in my opinion so he really got the short end of the stick in that sense.


For Ghislain (knight from Chrysantheme), I feel like I liked him as a character, but his route’s plot kind of shadowed over his personality so I don’t have a strong impression of him. He had some convenient plot happenings in his good end and I was just like…okay, sure, let’s just solve this like that. If his route had been done better, I feel like I could’ve liked him more because his stoic, warrior mentality could’ve been really interesting.


Orpheus (knight from Villet) was a pretty cute character as well but I don’t think they developed it as well as they could’ve. I like that he had a strong opinion about the state of the world but I didn’t feel the substance behind his character. They tried to make it a whole mystery thing related to his history but it wasn’t a very impressive reveal and what they did after was just not satisfying to me.


Louis (knight from Campanule) makes me feel conflicted because I like certain aspects of his personality and I think he has one of the best backstories, but I couldn’t really grasp his sincerity. If he was being sincere where I hoped he was, then I actually like him quite a bit (and that smooth NamiDai voice whoa boy). If he wasn’t, then while I sympathize with what he goes through, his unique situation makes him a little harder to understand than some of the other characters. His good end solved the problems presented in the route in a really convenient (and random) way that I kind of shook my head at, but in the was still my still my favorite character.


Hubert (Prime Minister of Parterdeame and Violette’s tutor) was…well, let me put it this way. Why in god’s name did they think it was a good idea to force us to play Hubert last? I mean for plot I guess I can see it but I really didn’t like being forced to end the game with him because quite frankly I didn’t want a route for him at all. I was making pretty good progress in the game but once I opened up his route I basically lost all motivation to play. It felt like they were trying to play off what happened in all other routes and have you still like him which just did not work. At least I got a good kick out of his good end because it was so ridiculous.


The art is so beautiful for this game. I only know the artist did WoF but I haven’t played that yet so this is the first game I’ve played with this style. I’m extremely fond of the character designs and the colors. I’m very tempted to buy the artbook.

The backgrounds were also very nicely done. I’m a little confused by the game’s mix of European (French?) and Japanese themes but aesthetically it was appealing.

I really enjoyed that Violette had a sprite. I wish this was more common in otome games. I’m always for voiced heroines, but I feel like that will never be a norm since it’s just one more seiyuu that has to be paid. So at the very least, I like being able to see the heroine because it makes it seem like she’s actually there as a character.

Something I thought was interesting (and also a little lazy) is that instead of having CG variations, once and a while, they would kind of have a smaller CG overlapping the main way to show like…a change in hand movement or position or something. I forgot to screenshot this so I can’t really show it, but it was something I don’t recall seeing in other games before.



When I started playing the game, something felt really familiar about the music that I couldn’t quite put my finger on until I got to certain tracks and realized that I was reminded of Jooubachi’s music. That’s probably my main impression. I did like some of the tracks, but I don’t think I liked them enough to purchase the whole OST. And it’s just so funny to me how Ravir is really such a huge part of the game that it has 6 whole tracks dedicated to it.


The layout was pretty nice. They decorated it with like…flowers and butterflies and things. Purple was a main color probably because violet/Violette.

You can access the characters profile after you finish their routes but I’m lazy and didn’t read them LOL. You can also get a few bonuses from the “Special” section which I will explain in more detail in the “Konpeito System” section.

Ravir: Instead of straightforward VN choices, the game implemented this word battle/choice system called Ravir. I know I’m not the only person who played this game who will bring this up, but that Ravir system is kind of annoying. It’s honestly not as bad as I thought it would be, but I found it more irritating for the feel it gave me rather than actually going through it. As I was telling another friend, it’s because it felt like I was always battling with the guys I was pursuing and it was exhausting. I want to woo them, not fight them. The choices were simple, but timed and I really don’t need that kind of stress. Also, Violette would sometimes have Ravir with herself, which I guess is the game’s way of having her think to herself?

You can tell how you’re doing based on the flower color and border. Purple is neutral, blue is bad (set to fail Ravir), and red is good (set to have a successful Ravir).

Konpeito System: This is under the option “Special” from the main menu. Before Ravir, you often “talk” to people to get some info that will be useful for you to use during Ravir. Sometimes you can get Ruri and Akane to “get info” for you to prepare. Depending on how high the last konpeito you fed them was, they can give you better info. When their level is low, they can tell you one person you should talk to in order to get good info. When they get better, they will tell you which person to talk to for info that will help you get the “Loyalty” based answers and the “Love” based answers. It’s clearly labeled by these little icons that are color-coded too; blue for Loyalty and red for Love. Honestly though, if you use a guide, you don’t really need to rely on their intel.

The way you feed Ruri and Akane konpeito is you buy it with points you win from having successful Ravir battles, so they kind of go hand-in-hand. The more battles you win, the more you can invest in winning battles in the future. You also use these points to buy short stories and extra scenes with the different characters. I think one was an all-text short story that happens after their good ends and the other are (3 or 4) short scenes that are meant to be inserted in the main story that gives a little more insight to the characters.


The Bad Ends: Okay, so I don’t hate bad ends. However, I don’t like bad ends for the sake of there being bad ends, and I feel like Reine overdid it with those. Most of them were pointless, added absolutely nothing to the story, and were sometimes so similar to each other I don’t even remember them. Another thing is that sometimes the bad ends made more sense than the good ends did. SOME OF THE GOOD ENDS DIDN’T EVEN FEEL LIKE GOOD ENDS. Like, I understand the idea of bittersweet ends but goddamn, I prefer that in my bad ends, thank you.

I think some people who played the game had some problems fully comping it due to random CG variations, but I was able to fully comp it without difficulty. I think you really need to use a guide to achieve that though, because you need to get ALL the ends in order to get the trophies.

I don’t think you need to play the game in a particular order. Hubert definitely has to be played last because he’s a locked route, but I think any other character is really fair game because you find out the main plot in each route anyway, you just get a slightly different twist to it. Personally, I played it in the order of Leon –> Ghislain –> Orpheus –> Louis –> Hubert. This worked fine for me, but like I said, I don’t see anything wrong with mixing it.


I feel like this game has so much bad rep that no one even really gives it a chance. If you accept certain things about it, it’s actually not that bad. While I was very critical of the game in this review, I did enjoy parts of it (to my surprise). I liked it more than I expected, but I say that knowing I started out with such a negative impression of the game. If you start from the bottom, you can only go up right?

I made this comparison before due to the similar feel in the music, but this game reminded me of Jooubachi no Oubou for other reasons. Like Jooubachi, Reine had a decent setup but the execution wasn’t the best and certain concepts could have been interesting if explored more. Meanwhile, there are also some WTF moments where you’re wondering where this idea even came from. I enjoy having different reveals in each route since it adds extra elements to the overall story, but not when it feels so deus ex machina all the time.

Even though I did like parts of the game, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it simply because Ravir was frustrating and so were the inconsistencies and plot holes. If you already bought the game, you may have some hope if you expect it to be absolutely terrible, but if you didn’t buy it then I would suggest not lol.


10 thoughts on “Game Review: Reine des fleurs

  1. Yoooo when I saw this, I almost snorted out loud because we both more than once talk about this dreadful game haven’t we? *checks old chat* when this game was released, it was a total disapoinment I will ever been through since the art was amazingly stunning (it’s really my taste) and the plot doesn’t seem that bad at all..

    Honestly, I was excited for Ghislain since he doesn’t really seem like your typical tsundere/ore-sama impression (I thought ore-sama was Leon) bit boi both that bad ending got me bad and I was raging really bad with my Vita since the ending doesn’t making a fudging sense. Louis and Leon was tolerable but Orpherus route was a major let down too since the ending was wayyy to sudden (especially that bad ending like wtf). I was done with this game and couldn’t care less about Hubert but I play with it one last time before I sold it to my friend.

    But anyhow, the artbook is to die fornsince Kangerou-san did an amazing job with the art. WoF was a gem too (the art ofc) but similar to Reine, the plot was interisting and had a big potential but Otomate writer’s just knew how to screw the whole plot huh :/ because of this I know I’m not the only one who became very careful with Otomate

    What did you do to the game after playing it? I store it away for months lmao.

    • Probably! I honestly comment on/complain so much about things I don’t always remember who I told. I often have to start most of my conversations with “have I told you this before?” when talking to people because my mouth moves faster than my brain and I can’t keep track of how many people I’ve told the same story too. I was really looking forward to this game when it was announced so just that part was a letdown. I really felt like they could’ve done so much with this setup but they just went in a completely different direction than I hoped.

      Oh, Ghislain was the one who caught your interest? If his bad ending had been more to your taste, do you think you would’ve liked him more? Personally, I was always drawn the most to Louis because his character design was basically my type (although like you said, the art was so nice that everyone had nice designs). I just…I don’t know if his feelings were genuine? I just didn’t believe everything because of his past and personality and then I couldn’t see what made Violette special or different so it made it hard for me to believe it. Leon and Orpheus were good as characters overall, but their routes were kind of :/ And going through Hubert’s route was just painful because she completely like…disregarded all the knights for him and I was like VIOLETTE WHY

      Oh you got it?? I actually bought WoF R for the Vita since I was interested in the series since the PSP but never got it due to the system. I heard they changed it on the Vita but it’s still kind of tedious so I haven’t picked it up yet…

      Otomate is basically the main otome company now so I still buy things from them, but not many games have been coming out lately anyway because the focus seems to be shifting to mobile phone games like Sengoku Night Blood. The games I played this year that came out last year were pretty good though! I have to work on those reviews slowly because I have a few real life events that are eating up my hobby time, but they were all pretty good.

      I unfortunately don’t really have a means to get rid of games even if I don’t care for them or (for some older PSP games) have lost the motivation to ever play them so they all just sit on my game shelf.

    • Ghislain did catch my full attention at first and I had plans to play him last (before I knew we had to play Hubert last). Honestly speaking, Ghislain was a bit of… mess(?) from when he went berserk because he didn’t have enough Grace until the very end, it felt like it went downhill veryyy fast. But IF the ending was modified into my taste, then yes. But I knew from when Violette kiss him on that prison cell, shit goes down and what did you know? Ding ding ding, that horrible bad ending (I think I hated his bad ending the most apart when Millie took Violette )

      I get about Louis not being sincere ot genuine lmao. He did had his way with females as long as he could remember so I was afraid that he was treating Violette as such too… I really have nothing to say about Hubert route since he was… really umm idk XD

      Oh you don’t purchase much from Rejet now? (For games ofc) since I hold this grudge (jk jk) towards Otomate, my trust would not crumble this easily lmao

      I see good ol’ Sena still has her integriti on owning and keeping her collection hmm 😉

      • Yeah, and Ghislain was a mess like that in everyone’s route basically too. I think maybe 1/3 of the bad ends in the game was him killing someone because he went berserk. This sounds a little horrible, but I liked the idea of having one knight who suffered because their country was just worse off in Grace since there was so much they could’ve done with that, but they way they handled it and how the route progressed just had me rolling my eyes lol.

        I really hope he’s being sincere. The reason I think he might be is because I feel like a lot of the stuff near the end would be kind of troublesome to deal with so he’d only help/be part of it if he cared? If not he could’ve just like…dumped Violette LOL

        Let’s not talk about Hubert. His route and his whole character was Zzzzzzzzzz

        I still like Rejet but I haven’t gotten their drama CDs in ages. I know you still get them though. I think it’s because Rejet hasn’t really been part of as many games lately? I liked their drama CDs before so I can’t really say why I haven’t looked into them recently….the only thing from Rejet I really have lined up is Black Wolves Saga since they came out with the Vita port containing both games, but even that is a collaboration between Rejet and Otomate.

        Friend, if I had a way of selling things I totally would. I’m running out of space honestly lol

      • You’re not the only one aince I actually like the idea a soldier/knight suffer for the sake of the country! Besides, Ghislain did want to make Violette a more Reine-y (I mean she did fainted after being hugged by Leon….) but the plot went downhill went Otomate decided to make Ghislain a psycho till the very end.. btw what was Madame Enge (was that the name? Idk?) thinking about giving Ghislain her ex-hubby sword??

        I don’t think I can crack Louis either. Sometimes I think Orpheus is also a bit complex (but to tell you the truth, the whole “I’m a half god”is a bit…. random)

        True dat about me splurging money on Rejet XD so far most otome games by Rejet is subtly ok (but this year released of otome games.. I don’t think I will buy any except BWS) so far I’am more on drama CDs 😐 I don’t really buy much otome merchandises compare to my previous years.. maybe coz I got busy? XD so apart from Otomate and Rejet, which other places do you focus more on?

        I suppose it’s time to make a Jumbo Sale or something XD

        • Well the sword thing seems weird until you have that conversation with Madame Enge on WHY she gave him the sword. Like in the other routes it’s like WTF woman why would you think it’s a good idea he’s going to go crazy and kill people!! But then you find out that’s actually what she wants because the sword absorbs Grace and that Grace could be used to save him. so that actually made sense in that context.

          Wasn’t Orpheus a full god but he was just like an “egg” because he didn’t hatch yet so he was still like a human? His story could’ve been interesting too but it honestly just felt like nothing really happened somehow.

          Drama CDs are really easy to get into because you don’t have to do anything except listen LOL. I listen to drama CDs a lot but the games kind of don’t happen all the time because it takes more time and effort lol. Well, since I get a lot of R18 CDs, it’s mostly from all the different R18 companies that are around. I don’t choose my CDs by company that’s why, I choose them by character or seiyuu or plot or a combo of all those. I honestly haven’t looked into other companies except for like one off games. Still waiting for takuyo to Vita port Shinigami to Shoujo, waiting on Operetta Due’s Koezaru repackage of the PC game. For not necessarily otome, I’m looking at Novectacle’s new game NarKarma EngineA for the concept and because I liked their VN the House in Fata Morgana. That’s about it though…

          I have no one to really sell to in person because I don’t know many otome gamers in real life, you get basically no money from selling the the Bookoff, and I’m not comfortable selling online so I don’t foresee this problem changing any time soon :/

          • Considering it has been more than 2 years I played this game, I don’t exactly remember a lot except snippets of it lmao :’)

            Oh really? I did thought Madame Enge help Ghislain because she saw her ex-hubby in Ghislain so she did wanted to help him to take avenge or some weird imagination on mine had (never thought about the Grace) wow after ages, never thought about this *sfx about being mind blown* maybe because I’m already a salty bean pole upon playing his game (I play Louis first hmmmmmmm followed by Leon and Orpheus )

            I’m guilty because when it comes to otome game and normal drama cd, I check everything but when it comes to rated cds, I check for the combo too!! So far Rouge et Noir is in my list! Apparently, there isn’t much hype for otome games, more people are focusing to games that they are secure with like Fanta Morgana and more to promote localized games (which is a good thing!!!) 😀

            Man that sucks :/ thankfully I knew a person whom a sucker for a great art despite the wtf and such… hope you do find someone you can sell towards to.. a certain friend of mine sold all his PS games and other merchandises during comic fiesta (and any convention involves gamers) together with his other friends. Maybe you have someone who plays RPG and collaborate to sell??

            • Oh, that’s right! Since I play games in a weird order and not necessarily close to when they were released, I sometimes forget that this means everyone already played them ages ago. I wouldn’t expect myself to remember this game in a few years either so no worries 🙂

              She did see her deceased husband in Ghislain, but that’s what drove her to want to help him (since she couldn’t save her husband). I’m glad discussing this game years after you played it helped you find out something new. If they didn’t properly explain what was going on with Madame Enge and the sword in Ghislain’s route, I would’ve been like…what is wrong with this crazy lady and why is she leaving this sword with the crazy man. Playorder is important I think! That’s why I try my best to give an order that will hopefully have people enjoy the game best. Sometimes it’s hard to think of things hypothetically though, like if I had played Louis first like you did, would I have liked him more or less than I do now? If I had played Leon last (before Hubert that is) instead of first, what would that have changed about how I experienced the story? I think about that kind of thing a lot but I have difficultly separating my knowledge from the possibility.

              OMG PLEASE LISTEN TO ROUGE ET NOIR. It’s really interesting and I love that series a lot! I’m a little salty about the next volume they’re releasing (comes out this month I think) but the other CDs were good. I started with Arlen (OMG I LOVE ARLEN SO MUCH <3) and I've been making my way backwards so I actually haven't listened to the first character Makabe yet. Me and a couple of my Twitter mutuals keep each other in the loop over this series because we all died over Arlen LOL

              Localizations are really important to this community, which is why bad localizations are so disheartening. I feel a little bad because I buy all the games in Japanese when they first come out so it's hard for me to support the localizations by buying the game again when I already have it/played it.

              I have a friend who may be able to help me out, but that's a big maybe. It would be really nice if it worked out though. It would be win/win because I'd declutter my shelf, have a little extra money, and she'd also benefit because I'd give her a cut from the sales for helping me sell the games. We'll see.

            • Tbh, even I thought “hey if we originally play the poster boy (leon) first, I think the game would be better” “I SHOULD play Ghislain last damn it! ( not because he was a bias but i had a feeling he was a downhill dissapointment)” and yeah, after some time playing and hearing this, it feels like my saltiness had decreased. 😀


              Sorry for the caps tho XD

              I was really excited for the series, not going to lie but a Rouge et Noir has the best plot for rated CDs. Most earporn don’t focused on the entire plot and only wanted to focused more on the fluff or the sex scene.. so rouge et noir is the gem in the stashes of porn basically XD

              I was really restless on Arles omg! I was on the plane to go back to my hometown and as soon as I touch down, and reach home… I was fidgeting with his track and couldn’t control my face from doing “oh gosh” type of face :’) But out of the three, I love Makabe’s the most! I’ll totally root for him! Now awaits Suoh for now *chuckles* I got Makabe CD during Eid (and again, I bought it to my hometown and listen.. bad choice since I just keep on listening to the very even though I had guest to serve) pro-tip: Never try to listen any earporn EVER again.

              It’s the same case like mine! For example, Kenka Banchou, I already have it in Japanese ao when the translation was being made… 😦 another minor reason why I slow down on otome games.

              That’s a good thing! Hope she accepts the offer!

            • Hahahaha I think my saltiness will decrease over time too. Like I kind of mentioned in the review, it’s not that I thought Reine was the worst game in the world, it did have some things going for it, I just think a lot of what was wrong with it overshadowed the good things they did. It’s also knowing they could’ve and should’ve done better that makes it feel more like a waste.

              OH YOU LISTENED TO IT. That’s great! I should be able to catch up soon since my CD for Makabe was in my last CD order and it’s already in transit. If you liked Rouge et Noir so far, while I haven’t listened to it myself (yet), a friend of mine also recommended Baroque, which is by the same writer as Rouge et Noir, so you might want to try that one too if you’re really interested in plot!

              LOLOL. I tried listening to drama CDs when I went out walking for exercise once and I never did it again because the volume would fluctuate a lot and because I couldn’t keep my expression straight as I walked. I knew no one would hear what I was listening to, but I just felt so self-conscious so I decided it was not a good idea LOL

              When there are so many things we want to buy, it’s hard to justify buying something again, but I still feel bad. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

              Yeah, we’ll see!

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