Game Review: Binary Star

binary star banner

Original Japanese: バイナリースター
English Translation: Binary Star

Everyone who follows me on twitter is probably really confused that I posted this now since I finished playing it weeks (months?) ago. I actually started playing this around the end of 2014, but things just kept coming up so I didn’t end up getting to finish it until this year because I just kept…taking breaks from it somehow. This happened around 5 times+, which is dumb because I honestly like this game a lot. On top of not playing the game consecutively, I also didn’t write the review right away (bad, bad idea) so it got even more lagged. I was originally going to do a more detailed description of plot but it just didn’t end up happening because I wasn’t focused and now I don’t have the drive or the freshness of the game to do it anymore. Therefore, I  decided that it was best to make a shorter post rather than not post something about it at all.

This is mostly a non-spoiler review. I introduce the plot premise but will not go into details about the characters and what happens in the routes/game (although I do give a template the plot generally follows in the first section so if you want no real plot info then just skip the first section).

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Unboxing: Binary Star Game

box 8-16 1
This took about a week and a day to get in, but that’s what I get for cheap shipping and I don’t really mind since I rarely need items right away. Especially since I need to finish up AMNESIA World before picking up this game anyway. This is my third Vita game. I originally ordered it with more stuff, but the release date kept shifting around so it ended up being shipped alone. I was still on my trip when I got invoiced too so I almost missed the pay date deadline. That was a close call.

Amiami packed the box well again, although you can’t really tell from the image since all the packing material is out and making the box look huge. I’m very grateful for their packing since the items look protected and it keeps shipping costs low. So anyway, onto the unboxing pics!

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