Otome Games Master List

Since I don’t review every game I play and there were games I played before I made a blog, I decided to make this list. I feel like it’ll be good so if anyone ever wants to talk to me about a game, but don’t know if I’ve played it, you can find out here 🙂

These are all the games I’ve started (but not necessarily finished). If they’re italicized then I didn’t finish them yet for one reason or another. I would like to finish all the games I’ve started at some point but currently the priority is on Vita games. PC games are the middle, and PSP games are lowest priority.

PSP Games

  • Amnesia
  • Amnesia Crowd
  • Amnesia Later
  • Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~
  • Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~
  • Hakuouki ~Yuugiroku~
  • Hakuouki ~Zuisouroku~
  • Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~ Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~
  • Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama
  • Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Snow Bride~
  • School Wars
  • Uta no Prince-sama Repeat
  • Uta no Prince-sama Music

PS Vita Games

  • 7’Scarlet
  • Amnesia World
  • Bad Apple Wars
  • Binary Star
  • CLOCK ZERO~Shuuem no Ichibyou~ ExTime
  • Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~
  • Collar x Malice
  • Diabolik Lovers,MORE BLOOD
  • Haitaka no Psychedelica
  • Hakuouki SSL
  • Kenka Bancho Otome
  • Kokuchou no Psychedelica
  • Mouujuutachi to Ohime-sama
  • Otoko Yuukaku
  • Period:Cube
  • Reine des fleurs
  • Yuukyuu no Tier Blade
  • Yukkyuu no Tier Blade ~Fragments of Memory~

PC Games

  • Hana Awase ~Mizuchi-hen~
  • Hana Awase ~Himeutsugi-hen~
  • Hana Awase ~Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen~
  • [R18] Jooubachi no Oubou ~Menou-hen~
  • [R18] Jooubachi no Oubou ~Kaguya-hen~
  • [R18] Koezaru wa Akai Hana
  • [R18] Koezaru wa Akai Hana~Koi wa Tsuki ni Michibikareru~ (Repackage of the PC game with all the extra content between the PSP and Vita ports)
  • The Second Reproduction (Queen of Darkness)