Game Review: Hana Awase Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen


Original Japanese Title: 華アワセ 唐紅/うつつ編
Romanized: Hana Awase Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen

So I decided to do a very brief review on this while it’s still fresh and because I tweaked hardcore on this game. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game this fast. It seems like a waste not to write anything about it when I love this series so much but I won’t delve too heavily into plot because I really wasn’t that careful when I was playing through it. I just wanted to continue, to learn more, but in the end I probably missed out on a lot of the small but important details. I feel like I probably shouldn’t use this disclaimer every time I do a review, but my Japanese isn’t perfect so my understanding of things could be off, even more so because I played through this so quickly, so please keep that in mind when reading this.

I’ll still be writing about the plot and I think it’s best to have the freedom to connect this to the previous two games so this is going to be a review with spoilers. The way I’m writing this review will probably make more sense to people who are familiar with the game series. It might be confusing if you know absolutely nothing about the series and haven’t played Mizuchi-hen and Himeutsugi-hen.

However, I do plan on reviewing more about the mechanics of the game/giving more general opinions at the end so you can skip to there if you don’t want to read spoilers. The non-spoiler part of the review will specifically start after the section labeled “End of Spoilers.” What I  would suggest is to scroll really fast down to the bottom of the page to avoid spoilers and CGs and then slowly scroll up until you see the “End of Spoilers” note rather than scrolling down.

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Game Review: AMNESIA World – Criminal World


So I’m pretty sure 99% of people are 100% done with this game, but I’m going to keep on reviewing it until the end anyway because in general, I like to finish what I start. Sorry it took so long to get this out m(_ _)m. It really took way longer than it should have considering how short it is. I seem to have a tendency to make shorter things long and longer things short, which doesn’t help matters. Criminal World is really fast to play through so that’s probably why the review ended up coming out rather long (like the Music World one).

I wasn’t exactly avoiding my games, but I looked and I hadn’t really touched this game much since I posted the last AMNESIA World review, so I thought it was time to get back into it, especially since I should probably finish this game soon. My Vita backlog is nothing compared to the PSP one, but if I continue to play at this rate it might become pretty monstrous. I already know that I will definitely not be reviewing every Vita game that came in because I got so far behind.

This is definitely a spoiler review so make sure you’re aware of that before deciding to read.

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Unboxed Compilation: Clock Zero ExTime, UtaPri All Star After Secret, Ken ga Kimi V, etc.

unboxed compile 2This is not an unboxing in the purest sense but close enough. These are basically the games and CDs I’ve gotten over the last few months, including the ones I picked up from Japan. I realized how much stuff had accumulated and was like…I think I’m due for another unboxing post. I did it once but now it’s become a thing so I guess I’ll probably do this from now on.

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1st Year Blog Anniversary

Hi guys! Sorry this isn’t an actual post filled with otome content, but I just realized that my blog has reached its 1st year anniversary! (⌒▽⌒)☆ That went by incredibly fast!

I started this blog due to the nudging of a friend and while the growth has been modest, I’m thankful to everyone who has taken the time to read entries, leave comments, favorite things, and follow my blog. m(_ _)m

It’s still a fledgling blog and I have a long way to go, but it’s been a nice growing experience and I’m enjoying myself despite the challenges. A lot of things have happened this past year, both personally and with relevance to this site. I’m looking forward to continuing to be active in this community. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting more or at a faster rate, but I’ll do my best not to get too inactive.

Thank you again for all your support! 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)))

Intro to Some Cellphone Otome Games

Uh…hi. Yeah, this is not what I planned on working on at all, but considering this has been what’s eating a huge chunk of my time for the last month or so and it’s otome-related, I decided what the hell, might as well post about it.

Basically since I’ve gotten back from Japan, I starting trying out these mobile phone games and it’s kind of skyrocketed into this monster. I’m playing about 16 of them daily. I’ve already deleted one game because yanderes are not my thing and I’m considering deleting another because I’m not really feeling the story. That would still leave me at 15 games per day.

I’m just going to do a brief intro on how the systems work for these games and also tell you what games I’m actually playing. You can decide for yourself which ones appeal to you and which ones not so much. I don’t recommend getting all of them though, unless you want to have no life like me.

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Unboxed Compilation: Trigger Kiss, Amnesia Vita ports, Senjou, Code Realize, etc.

unboxed dump

So…I’m really awful at this unboxing thing because

1) I don’t always show the items being “unboxed” and just kind of show what items I got

2) I get lazy and don’t always post right away when I actually get the goods

3) I’m pretty sure there are some items I entirely didn’t “unbox” at all that ust went under the radar never to be found again

In any case, be prepared for a minor picture dump. Since there are so many things I’m posting at one time, I tried to consolidate things. I’m pretty sure that posts I had in the past for just one or two games came out to more pictures than all of these put together, but I guess this is what happens when one gets lazy.

Timeline was based on the dates I took the pictures…because even if I didn’t post them, I usually take the pictures the day I actually receive the items so it should be pretty accurate.

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Drama CD Review: 4shoku no Shihaisha to Hangyaku no Gouka Daiyon Kuro no Ou

Black King
Original Japanese title: 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第章 黒の王
(Black King CV:Yotsuya Cider)
AKA 興津和幸 (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

So yeah…that’s a pretty nice cover. Definitely my favorite of the four in terms of cover.

I was doing so good working on this review right after I finished the last CD and then I took a break and got busy…it’s been over a month since I touched this (bordering on two). Ooops. In any case…I finished?

Also, does anyone else feel like Okitsu in like…everything nowadays? I don’t really have a problem with this, I just notice I see him in a lot of CDs lately. He must be pretty popular. I don’t really keep up in the seiyuu circles. My version of keeping up with seiyuus is just recognizing voices. I might not even know what some of them look like. Anyway, back to the CD review.

Same thing as usual applies. This CD is R18 so please don’t read if you’re under the age limit.

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Drama CD Review: 4shoku no Shihaisha to Hangyaku no Gouka Daisan Shiro no Ou

coverOriginal Japanese title: 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第三章 白の王
(White King CV:Shihara Haruka)
AKA 鈴木千尋 (Suzuki Chihiro)

I decided to review the White King’s CD because…well…I can, and I suppose it’s good practice for reviewing something I didn’t initially care for. In fact, I wasn’t in the mood to re-listen at all, and motivating myself to do so was very, very hard, but I did it for the sake of finishing off the series.

The White King’s review actually ended up coming out more detailed than the other two somehow, and believe me, it’s not because I liked it more or anything. It just sort of happened.

This CD is R18 so please don’t read if you’re under the age limit. On top of the sexual nature, this CD, more than the previous two, has a higher depiction of violence as well, so I suggest skipping out on this one if you’d rather not read that kind of thing.

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