Game Review: Reine des fleurs

Original Japanese Title:
Translation: Reine des fleurs (Queen of Flowers)

Okay, so I’m playing a bit of catch-up (again). I started this game pretty much right after I finished CxM but never reviewed it so…here’s the review! I’ve since played 3 MORE games after Reine so assuming my motivation holds, I intend to review those as well. Damn, I procrastinate worse now than I did when I was in school LOL.

Back to the actual game, I started playing it because Reine is infamous for the 40ish bad ends (similar to CxM) so I decided to play it to get it out of the way. I went into this game with extremely low expectations so I’m not sure if that influenced my opinion at all, but this (mostly unspoiler) review will contain my usual commentary on the different aspects of the game while not really giving away actual events.

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Game Review: Collar x Malice

Collar x Malice
Japanese: カラーxマリス
“Everyone has an invisible collar attached.”

Surprise double post! I really didn’t need to post them at the same time but I just decided it was something I wanted to do. Since I didn’t start making the posts directly after finishing the games like I usually do, it was like I was playing catch-up so it somehow felt more satisfying to post them at the same time.

Despite being one of the games I was really interested in from 2016, I didn’t actually start playing it until last month. I started it while on my trip in Japan and finished it up when I got back home.

This is going to be another non-spoiler post.

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Game Review: Haitaka no Psychedelica

Original Japanese Title:
Romanized: Haitaka no Psychedelica
Translation: Psychedelica of the AA Nisus (Eurasian Sparrowhawk)

This was definitely my most anticipated game for 2016 so I’m very happy I finally got to play it. Writing another non-spoiler review but I will have hidden (in white text) spoiler thoughts at the end of the post like in my Kokuchou review.

I found it difficult to not compare Haitaka to Kokuchou so most of my review commentary will include a comparison.

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