Game Review: Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama


Japanese Title: 猛獣たちとお姫様
Romanization: Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama
Translation: Beast and Princess

These shorter reviews seem to be working better for me right now so I think I’ll keep to this style for a while. This game was one of the games I was really anticipating for this year: a spin-off of Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama (Beastmaster and Prince).

This will be a mostly non-spoiler review, but if I have spoiler thoughts, I’ll say explicitly when they come up.

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Game Review: Hana Awase Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen


Original Japanese Title: 華アワセ 唐紅/うつつ編
Romanized: Hana Awase Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen

So I decided to do a very brief review on this while it’s still fresh and because I tweaked hardcore on this game. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game this fast. It seems like a waste not to write anything about it when I love this series so much but I won’t delve too heavily into plot because I really wasn’t that careful when I was playing through it. I just wanted to continue, to learn more, but in the end I probably missed out on a lot of the small but important details. I feel like I probably shouldn’t use this disclaimer every time I do a review, but my Japanese isn’t perfect so my understanding of things could be off, even more so because I played through this so quickly, so please keep that in mind when reading this.

I’ll still be writing about the plot and I think it’s best to have the freedom to connect this to the previous two games so this is going to be a review with spoilers. The way I’m writing this review will probably make more sense to people who are familiar with the game series. It might be confusing if you know absolutely nothing about the series and haven’t played Mizuchi-hen and Himeutsugi-hen.

However, I do plan on reviewing more about the mechanics of the game/giving more general opinions at the end so you can skip to there if you don’t want to read spoilers. The non-spoiler part of the review will specifically start after the section labeled “End of Spoilers.” What I  would suggest is to scroll really fast down to the bottom of the page to avoid spoilers and CGs and then slowly scroll up until you see the “End of Spoilers” note rather than scrolling down.

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